Even at this time, Chile is contemplating whether to step ahead with a CBDC (central bank digital currency), notwithstanding the formerly revealed strategy regarding a proposal’s preparation in the earlier phase of this year. On 11th May, the central bank of Chile stated that it requires some extra time to be sure regarding the issuance of a CBDC. In recent September, a report from Reuters mentioned that it had a strategy to resolve this issue at this year’s start.

The bank is of the view that no sufficient information has been gathered by it regarding a CBDC’s launch, as noted in the executive summary of the bank’s report in Spanish. Nonetheless, keeping in view its substantial potential as well as the global experience, it is clarified that this counts to be a procedure for which there may be a need for a considerable period comprising several years for the study as well as testing. It is perceived adequate to go on with operations focused on the future-based enactment of this unique money.

The initial phase of the respective development takes into account the gathering of data from the entities having an interest in the process of a CBDC’s launch, and delving into the substitutes of carrying out tests or pilot projects that can assist it in comprehending the issues related to a CBD’s creation, as disclosed by the central bank. It is at this moment ambiguous when a choice would probably be made by the central bank regarding a CBDC, however, it seems that the matter would be thoroughly examined by it for the rest of the time of this year.

As per the central bank, no transparent international standards are available at present concerning CBDCs. As the effectiveness of a CBDC will be reliant on the utilization thereof by the public, the interested private and public bodies will be consulted by the bank to get engaged. In this situation, a series of consultations and dialogues are to be done on the behalf of the bank with several interested platforms, as the bank puts it.

In the report thereof, the bank made it clear that while the crypto utilization is much limited at the present, a very significant role is played by the asset class in terms of being a payment method. A CBDC’s issuance is additionally a worthy substitute to undergo the issues linked to the likely development of the virtual currencies that could potentially modify the finance market’s operation as well as the monetary policy’s transmission on being circulated widely.

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