The Shiba Inu is a weird token that many people forget when discussing the state of affairs in the crypto industry. Strangely, SHIB and BONE both benefit from this obscurity as their prices tend to fluctuate less compared to the rest of the market.

However, Shiba Inu’s tokenomics are quite self-centered and people trading these tokens may not even care about the situation in the market as a whole.

During the last two days, BONE, the governance token of the network, has been trading well with trading volume growing by over 68% and price reaching $0.987 which is a 45% growth compared to numbers just two weeks ago.

BONE is a good investment for enthusiasts

The SHIB Metaverse looks like an interesting flagship product for the network and has been enjoying popularity among enthusiasts and supporters. The concept unveiled on December 7 showcases a variety of exciting locations and features.

Compared to other metaverse projects, this one does not focus on its internal economy as much and maybe the right direction of the genre if it ever takes off.

Decentraland was a good example, but its low engagement and barren virtual spaces make it a hard sell for enthusiasts.

However, SHIB the Metaverse is a different beast with over 29% of holders being unique buyers of tokens suggesting that the number of people who want to engage with tokenomics and explore the metaverse is quite high and has enough diversity to thrive.

The announcement about the Metaverse seems to be the biggest driving factor behind the explosion in interest and price. It is, most likely, a short-term rally, but the potential for long-term growth is quite good.

The competition is non-existent

The META corporation is failing to take its metaverse project from the ground. SHIB has all the chances to make it big and attract attention from a diverse audience of users.

The current excitement for BONE is an indication that many fans are ready to support Shiba Inu.

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