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Power of Crypto Trading

Bitopps logoToday we are living in the times when we have been forced to impose self-restrictions because the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic is rampaging the entire world. The year 2020 is about to end but most of us had never seen a pandemic like this before.

Impacts of the pandemic were so severe that not only the whole humanity was made to suffer but the worldwide economies were also hurt badly. But crypto trading business was one thing which stood tall against pandemic as well as grew remarkably.

Bitopps home pageWhy Crypto Trading Is The Best Business Today

The first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, when developed nobody believed that it could make any difference. However, when it was launched, it could be bought for a couple of dollars but today a single Bitcoin is worth around US$ 23,000.

When pandemic struck, Bitcoin’s price went down considerably and at one point it was traded under US$ 4,000 but the coin retreated remarkably and even though the pandemic was there, its value soared significantly.

Broker BitOpps
Trading Type Cryptocurrencies
Trading Platform Mobile, Desktop, Tablet
Fees and Commissions Minimum
Customer Support Phone and email (Regular Work Hours)
Referral Bonus Yes
Account Types Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Black
1-on-1 Trading Trainer Yes
Deposits Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Wire Transfer
Spreads Fixed and variable
Minimum Deposit 250 EUR

Traits one should consider before choosing an online crypto trading platform

So to those who want to make a good profit out of their extra funds they could invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency because this is by far the best time to invest in them. But before you do that you need to have a reliable crypto trading platform from where you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies.

The first thing you should consider for a trading platform is that it should be a boutique platform which gives you multiple options of trade at the cost of low fee charge and above all it must be well-renowned and reliable as well.Although there are thousands of online crypto trading platforms but for the newbies, the highly recommended is BitOpps and let me explain why.

Qualities that make BitOpps Special and Dynamic

BitOpps was established for a single purpose – to serve its customers in the best of their interest.

Since its inception, BitOpps has developed into a brand name which is not only popular but an internationally acclaimed online crypto trading platform. The customers at BitOpps has been buying and selling digital currencies at rates lower than the market value and selling them for extra profits.

It has been a platform which has thousands of individual global investors/customers. In addition, the platform enjoys the privilege of receiving investments from the institutional quarters which has taken the business of BitOpps to new heights.

It has a unique trading platform which is not only user-friendly but allows its users to use a cutting edge technology which cannot be compared with the renowned and largest crypto trading exchanges, which of course are for richest class only. The only difference is that the fee charged by these popular trading platforms as well as the money they require from an investor to bring in, are exorbitantly high.

However, the trading platform of BitOpps serves each and every class of investors irrespective of whether they are young, old, retired, poor or rich. This is the reason BitOpps is called a boutique platform which has everything for everyone.

Qualities that make BitOpps Special and DynamicAvailability of Popular Cryptocurrencies Trading

Let us now move onto the popular digital currencies tradable at BitOpps. Although each and every cryptocurrency can be bought and sold at the platform of BitOpps, however, there are a few ones which are highly demanded and most popular such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether.

Apart from this cryptocurrency trading, the trading platform of BitOpps also allows its customers to trade Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) as well as Decentralized Finances (DeFi), which have contributed a great deal in the growth of crypto industry as a whole.

  • Bitcoin

The first and foremost popular cryptocurrency available for trade at BitOpps is Bitcoin, also known as BTC.

As discussed earlier, Bitcoin was the first ever cryptocurrency introduced in the world. It was Bitcoin which set up the stage for other cryptocurrencies to enter into the market. Today, one can easily say that the existence of cryptocurrencies provides an alternate investment plan to profit seekers.

For the past three months, Bitcoin has been riding on the Bull-Run. If you look at the 3 months graph of Bitcoin, you would come to know that during this time Bitcoin’s value has increased from US$ 9,000-10,000 to US$ 22,000-23,000.

If one assumes for a second that a person who had bought a Bitcoin in October 2020 for a value of US$ 10,000, then how much profit the person may have earned if he decides to dispose of his Bitcoin today. The profit would range from 12 to 13 thousand US Dollars and that too in less than ninety days only.

So no one need convincing that Bitcoin is one of the highly profitable investment derivative but one must be thinking where he would find Bitcoin to purchase for. This is why you need to have BitOpps at your back. There are plenty of Bitcoins available with BitOpps which can be bought by anyone for earning profits. But only a customer who has signed up with BitOpps is entitled to buy Bitcoins.

What is important is that BitOpps do not charge exorbitant fee if a customer buys cryptocurrency, instead the rates are rather cheap as compared with other online crypto trading platforms.

  • Ethereum

The second most popular tradable cryptocurrency in demand at the trading platform of BitOpps is Ethereum which is also known as ETH.

Ethereum was a project of Vitalik Buterin who had developed the second largest cryptocurrency of the world as well as its Blockchain Network. For the time being Ethereum Blockchain Network is the world’s largest which has even took a lead from Bitcoin. However, ETH is still the second largest and highly valued digital currency after Bitcoin.

The current price range of Ethereum is around US$ 600/- and it is said that whenever Bitcoin is on the Bull-Run so is the Ethereum. This means that this is the best time to invest in Ethereum as the price of Ethereum is going up continuously.

Again if anyone is interested in buying Ethereum because he cannot afford to buy Bitcoins as it is rather much more expensive than Ethereum, then such a person can become a member of BitOpps and instantly start Ethereum trading without any hassle. There are number of crypto markets accessibly from the BitOpps trading platform where one can buy the required quantities of Ethereum.

  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

When cryptocurrency was developed, the crypto industry kept growing and evolving. As a result of this evolution ICOs were developed which too is a form of cryptocurrency but slightly different. It need a little bit of explaining that ICO is more or less a fund which is funded by digital currencies.

There are a number of crypto trading platforms which have developed their own ICOs. In this way they receive investments in the form of cryptocurrencies and then allow the investors to have ICOs.

However, ICOs trading is an advanced mechanism of crypto trading which can be learnt only with the passage of time. However, those who fully understand the concept of ICOs and are already familiar with them, can easily start their ICO trading journey with the BitOpps.

Availability of Popular Cryptocurrencies Trading BitoppsDecentralized Finance (DeFi)

If you google the word DeFi you would learn that it is also one of the product created through cryptocurrencies. However, since 2019 DeFi has been thriving immensely. There was a time when people who were involved in cryptocurrency trading, started to put their investments in DeFi. It looked as if cryptocurrencies were overrun by DeFi.

As the name suggested, DeFi is more or less a type of finance which is not dependent upon any intermediaries of which most of us are familiar with like financial institutions, investment companies, exchanges as well as brokerages.

Instead DeFi is based on smart contracts which can be accessed, executed and concluded through the use of Blockchain technology. Again DeFi trading is for those who are advanced traders of crypto and not for everyone.

But since it is now a days in trending therefore BitOpps has ensured that its customers who want to invest in DeFi would need not to worry about. Whatever trading product they want to trade in, is available at BitOpps trading platform.

So the above shows that there is a wide range of crypto trading products available at the platform of BitOpps but only for the sake of mentioned a fraction of what BitOpps has to offer has been provided here. Apart from the above crypto trading products there are other crypto products available for trade with the trading platform.

A Deeper Look Into BitOpps’ Trading Platform

What makes a crypto trading platform special is whether the platform is secured (i.e. is it secured from internal and external threats of breach), reliable (i.e. does it has a number of customers and what is their feedback), fulfills corporate and social responsibilities (i.e. supports KYC and AML policies and contributes to the betterment of the society/community) and above all provides pre and after sales/trade services.

These are things which a trader must take a look into before pouring in any investment in the crypto trading platforms. Let us deal with all these individually and have a look at whether BitOpps fulfills all.

  • Highly Secured Trading Platform

The problem these days with the crypto trading business is that there are a lot of people who think that it is not safe. They are true to some extent but not entirely. This is so because cryptocurrency trading is in fact going on for quite some time.

However, there have been many instances where crypto trading platforms have been subjected to breach by scammers and hackers. Most of the times it was found out that these platforms lacked the required security protocols which they had not put in place.

However, the trading platform of BitOpps is not only safe but it is highly secured. This is so because it has ensured to put in place high end security protocols which are internationally certified. Most importantly, routine checkups and upgradations have been applied to BitOpps’s security protocols from time to time to keep them in align with the advancement.

Therefore, since its inception there has not been any single complaint of any unwanted event which has occurred to BitOpps. Most importantly, the customers of BitOpps have been conducting their trades without any fear whatsoever.

  • BitOpps’s Reliability

When it comes to trustworthiness and reliability, there is none which can come even close to BitOpp. It has developed itself into one of the most trusted and reliable source of crypto trading available online.

It currently has thousands of local and international customers and they all can vouch for the reliability of BitOpp. Most importantly, amongst its customers, BitOpp has a large number of those customers who are institutions.

The thing which gives reliability and credibility to any business is its adoption by institutions. BitOpps successfully enjoys the privilege of having a large number of institutional customers who have been associated with its trading platform for a very long time.

The adoption of BitOpp by institutions guarantees that it is a trustworthy and reliable online crypto trading platform which requires no further proof.

  • Knows Its Corporate & Social Responsibility

It is not all about doing business for BitOpp. In fact BitOpp is also very much concerned about fulfillment of its corporate and social responsibility as well. This is something which has been neglected by most of the crypto trading platforms. However, in the case of BitOpps, importance is also given to these responsibilities.

  • First of all, let us look at the corporate responsibility of BitOpp.

There are certain rules, regulations and laws which are provided in every jurisdiction of the world. Agree or not but every business has to ensure compliance and adherence to these laws, rules and regulations. For many compliance is a burden but for BitOpp it takes at its core responsibility.

For example in the crypto industry two policies are implemented in letter and spirit. However, most of the decentralized crypto exchanges and trading platforms do not follow them. Resultantly, what happens is that illicit activities take place, breaches occur, corruption and corrupt practices are encouraged and organized crimes are funded.

In order to stop these insane activities, the financial sector of the world has duly established and implemented a policy known as Know-Your-Customer (KYC). Being a responsible online crypto trading platform, BitOpps gladly and on its own adopted the KYC Policy and has been implementing the same in letter and spirit.

No customer is allowed to hide his identity or fake it nor does any crypto transaction from the BitOpps’s trading platform go unchecked. Similarly, there is yet another policy called Anti-Money Laundering (AML) which too is essential to ensure elimination of corruption and corruption practices.

In addition, many of the law enforcement agencies of the world has come to a collective conclusion that most of the organized crimes as well as terrorism has been funded by violating AML Policy. Keeping in view this, BitOpps again willfully on its own took the AML policy and ensured its compliance in letter and spirit.

BitOpps takes the pride that since its inception not a single transaction carried out from its trading platform has ever been questioned by anyone as being a source of promoting corruption, corruption practices or even used to fund extremism.

A Deeper Look Into BitOpps Trading PlatformLet us now talk about social responsibility of BitOpps and how BitOpps is playing its role and promoting a better society.

BitOpps is not only used to conduct trades instead it is also a source of learning the art of trading. From time to time, writing pieces and helpful material has been made available for the use by its customers and general audience. One would not need to become a member in order to acquire knowledge and wisdom from what has been provided at the website of BitOpps in education academy.

  • BitOpps is also fulfilling its social responsibility in the sense that it provides assistance and support to its customers or intended investors at pre-post trade stage.

For instance you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency but need an authentic and credible advice, then you can contact BitOpps’s support team and seek guidance. The customers who come across any technical difficulty or issue of any kind during the course of and after their trading, they can contact the customer assistance and support team of BitOpps.

The customer support and assistance of BitOpp is available 24/7 from Monday to Friday and comprised of knowledgeable staff who are willing and ready at all times to get rid of the problems faced by customers. So anyone who is a member of BitOpps is worriless as every customer knows that he or she is in good hands.

Your Very Own Trading Platform

This brings us to the motto of BitOpp.

BitOpps strongly believes that while providing trading services is their core responsibility however its trading platform and all the opportunities available there are for the customers only. BitOpps’s trading platform is in fact belongs to its customers. This is why joining the platform has been made easy as well as deposit and withdrawals policies have been designed in a manner so as to facilitate the customers.

There are different account types which could be availed of by any customer for conducting its crypto trades. For instance there are trading accounts namely Basic, Silver, Bronze, Platinum and Gold which are all developed in such a way that depending upon the investment available with an investor, the investor can choose the account type whichever suits his best interests.

For instance those who are seeking to earn extra cash can also avail accounts such as Basic and Silver because they only require a minimalistic deposits while the profits are significant. Furthermore, every trading account has its own benefits and these benefits only increase when a person selects any of the upper level account.

Signup process has been made easy so that the newcomer is facilitated rather than exploited and getting confused. Only the essential details are required to signup such as name, address, contact details, phone number, account details and identity proof. Once this information is provided within 24 hours the trading account is set and the customer can start his trading journey.

Another important thing before signup stage is the deposit of initial deposit which is required to operate and maintain BitOpps’s trading account. The accepted mode of putting in funds into trading account is through various sources. The money can be sent through bank transfer, credit card or debit card (through visa and master) as well as through digital currency.

Similarly, the money or digital assets kept in BitOpps’s trading account can be withdrawn at any stage without any hurdle at all. All that is required to withdraw the money back is that the customer would be required to send a withdrawal request from his certified email account.

Once the request is received, then it is put in the process immediately and after due verification the amount is then transferred to the customer depending on what mode of receiving funds has been suggested by the customer.

This only takes a day to comply with the request. However, in case the customer has opted to receive funds via bank transfer, then of course 2 to 3 days are normally required to complete the transfer.

Bitopps account optionsFinal Thoughts

As discussed earlier, cryptocurrency trading is one of the most lucrative investment opportunity out there now a days. However, there are people who argue against it because according to them crypto trading is risky because of its high volatility.

But the argument is rather fallacious because it is the volatility which had put Bitcoin investors into the driving seat and allowed them to have unthinkable returns. According to crypto experts and analysts in the near future, Bitcoin is going to be worth about US$ 100,000.

So without any further due if anyone wants to invest in cryptocurrencies, the time is now and you have the best place to start your trade with BitOpps.