The cryptocurrency spectrum went green on Wednesday. That comes as BTC rallied past $40K, and most alternative tokens registered impressive surges.

Bitcoin exhibited enhanced fluctuations amid roller-coaster price movements but had reclaimed the coveted $40K. Such upswings triggered bullish actions in the entire crypto spectrum. Most altcoins trade well higher today, Ethereum climbing to $2,700.

Bitcoin Price Above $40,000

Besides some downs and ups, the past couple of days saw Bitcoin calm as the bellwether crypto steadied around the $39K mark. Nevertheless, the world’s leading crypto has changed that narrative over the past day.

The leading crypto hovered around the mentioned value area before a sudden surge had BTC adding roughly $3,000 to approach the $42K level. However, Bitcoin slumped within no time, quickly returning towards $39K, translating to liquidating worth more than $200 million.

However, bulls remained resilient, gaining control and pushing Bitcoin higher again. Nevertheless, this time’s leg up was gradual, but the crypto regained $40K. For now, Bitcoin holds ground around the $40,500 mark. Such price reactions saw BTC’s market cap climbing to well beyond $750 billion.

Alts Go Green

Altcoins also struggles within the past couple of days without directional trends. Positive price movements over the past day have the alt market in the green. Ethereum is one of the day’s leading, noting a 6% daily increase. That had the 2nd-largest crypto nearing $2,700 following a dump beneath $2,500 a week ago.

Solana, Avalanche, and Polkadot saw similar upticks, trading at $83, $80, and $18, respectively. Further gains came from BNB, XRP, ADA, DOGE, and SHB. Meanwhile, EGLD and Fantom are the best performers in the mid-and lower-cap token, registering double-digit surges.

Upward actions from leading crypto assets saw the crypto market capitalization adding roughly $80 billion in one day, nearing $1.8 trillion following a crash to $1.7 trillion.

Elsewhere, Santiment data shows BTC recorded declines in whale transactions worth more than $100,000, which touched the lowest zone in a year. Though analysts believe that such developments do not imply a bear market, whales might impact the long-term price outlook.

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