As the NFT field is showing remarkable progress and a majority of the community is participating in the new space, this is additionally making the NFT-haters take considerable measures to confront this situation. In this continuous fight, where the tech-enthusiasts and gamers make fun of the NFTs’, crypto enthusiasts are maintaining their confidence in this technology as compared to the others. Nonetheless, presently a developer – named “mcclure” over GitHub – has developed an instrument for the people who are against the NFT technology and keep themselves away from the proponents of NFTs.

The respective instrument can be run on Firefox and Google Chrome as a plug-in to block the Twitter consumers who utilize hexagon-shaped images as the NFT-based images have hexagon shapes. On Twitter, the consumer requires to press the button called “run NFT block” and the offending icons would be blocked right away. It was stated by the developer that the future versions of the respective plug-in would additionally include notifications as well as an automatic process of blocking.

But the respective instrument has been taken out of a plug-in named “the Twitter Block Chain” (used to block the persons on just one page. Some modification was made to it giving it the capability of blocking the accounts with NFT profile images. The developer asserts that NFTs count as investment fraud and gives three justifications to explain why a consumer would desire to block such NFTs. They consider that NFTs play a vital role in global warming. The activities related to theft and scams are also associated with the markets of NFTs.

After that, the developer moved on to disclose that the NFT consumers are irritating. People having NFTs keep on creating hype for the rest of the people to purchase NFTs or that the NFTs in their possession would be less valuable in the future. Therefore, they claimed, Twitter would be a nicer place if such accounts are blocked.

Nevertheless, the particular activity could be picked up by the platform as being automated. In this situation, there would be a requirement for the consumers to provide the phone number as well to confirm that they are the real ones. Several people have voiced concerns regarding the utilization of Twitter in the activities associated with crypto scams performed by swindlers to loot the holdings of investors.

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