Today Binance Coin, Tezos, and Cosmos Price Analysis

The altcoin market seems to mimic the increases noted by Ethereum and Bitcoin. Tezos reflects gains as it targets its initial resistance at $6.05. Such moves come as XTZ experiences development updates on Golden Goals, introducing NFTs. Binance Coin (BNB) increased by 5.2% after keeping away the $460.42 critical support. Lastly, Cosmos surged 7.3% in attempts to retest its ATH.

Binance Coin (BNB)

The previous 24 hours had BNB appreciating by 5.2% to trade at $490.80. Binance Coin steered clear off the $460.42 support line as it maintained its actions above this level for more than a week now. For now, the cryptocurrency has its overhead resistance at $517.01.

Chaikin Money Flow noted a surge in capital inflows since August 23. Also, buying pressure increased as the RSI maintained at the 60 levels. Meanwhile, the Awesome Oscillator saw green signal bars. However, the asset has to sustain upside moves to avoid falling towards $460.42 then $433.54.

Cosmos (ATOM)

Cosmos surged 7.3% since yesterday to trade near $24.24. The lucrative moves came after the crypto launched cross-chain bridges for BTC and ETH. For now, Cosmos requires extended uptrends to retest its ATH at $25.57. Keep in mind that the coin’s parameters support positive moves.

The RSI remains at the 60 zones, denoting bullishness despite the buying strength dip. The Awesome Oscillator indicates green sign bars, confirming Cosmos’ bullish narrative. Lastly, the Bollinger Bands noted convergence, suggesting a volatility decrease in the sessions to come. Meanwhile, retracements will have the crypto securing support near $21.81, then $19.62.

Tezos (XTZ)

XTZ noted gains after BTC pushed towards $50K. Tezos surged by 4.1% over the last day to trade at $5.36. The alt started rising after hitting a $5.08 weekly low. For now, XTZ has its closest resistance at its ATH of $6.05. The alternative token has to maintain its actions beyond $5.08 to retest the record-high levels.

Tezos has its technical picture suggesting bullishness. The Chaikin Money Flow shows rising capital inflows as the Awesome Oscillator depicts green sign bars. Lastly, the RSI climbed above the 50 levels. Price pullbacks at this level will send XTZ towards the price floor at $5.08. Failure to hold the mark, XTZ will plunge further to $4.30.

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