Terra’s Tokens Had Design Flaws, But There Was No Rug Pull – Paolo Ardoino

Do Kwon and his team continue the battle to restore normalcy to the Terra network following the crash of the network’s algorithmic stablecoin and native token. LUNA’s price crashed so hard that it now trades for pennies, while the TerraUSD stablecoin (UST) lost its USD peg and now trades at $0.0625, according to the current … Read more

US DOJ Announces Charges Against Florida CEO Over Involvement In A Cryptocurrency Fraud

The DOJ (Department of Justice) of the United States is leveling accusations against a crypto mining firm’s CEO for operating a worldwide investment scam project. As per a statement issued on the behalf of the DOJ, the founder as well as the chief executive of MCC (Mining Capital Coin), told a lie to the investors … Read more

OpenSea Experiences A Server Breach On its Discord Mainnet

OpenSea (a prominent marketplace for NFT) underwent a server hack on its chief Discord channel and the hackers posted false declarations of collaboration with YouTube. On Friday, a posted screenshot presented the news of the fake collaboration, along with a link directing to a phishing site. The formal Twitter account of OpenSea Support posted a … Read more

Crypto Companies In the UK Double Pay To Attract Cybercrime Professionals

Crypto companies in the United Kingdom are starting to take away the professional cybercrime police to guarantee their measures for regulatory compliance, as per a report published by Bloomberg. The National Police Chiefs’ Council, an entity responsible for representing the entirety of the police officers throughout the United Kingdom, asserts that the professional cybercrime policemen … Read more

New York Senator Says Authorities Should Criminalize Cryptocurrency Frauds

Kevin Thomas – a Senator from New York State – proposed a unique bill modification request specifying particular offenses dealing with rug pulls as well as the rest of the frauds concerning the distribution of virtual assets, misuse of private keys as well as hidden interests related to crypto projects. Senator Thomas drafted the bill … Read more

Stablecoin Protocol Beanstalk Farms Offers A 10% Bounty To Attackers

A credit-based protocol for stablecoins, Beanstalk Farms, was exploited for nearly $76 million worth in cryptocurrency on 18th April. The platform has asserted to provide a reward of up to 10% to the offenders in return for the swindled funds. The platform informed the attackers about the offer on its official Twitter account through an … Read more

A Special Place Is Reserved For Cryptocurrency Fraudsters In Hell, Says Kraken’s Senior Director

Notwithstanding the security policy of Kraken, the fraudsters are devising new strategies to exploit the elderly and vulnerable investors, as stated by Curtis Ting (a former agent from the FBI and presently working as the crypto exchange named Kraken’s Senior Director). He cautioned the investors that they should be extra careful while trading the digital … Read more

Austalian Authorities Confiscate Drugs And BTC ATMs In A Warehouse In Sydney

Nowadays, drugs, crypto as well as the rest of the prohibited products are moving ahead in collaboration. The Australian police as well as the US federal authorities have partnered up to suspect a team of individuals who were allegedly been involved in narcotics distribution as well as money laundering. The persons having the ages of … Read more

Feds Confiscate BTC Worth $34M From a Dark Web Seller

Miami, a city considered to have a crypto-friendly mayor as well as laws, has witnessed one among the considerably forceful crackdowns on the cybercriminals that utilize Bitcoin. Nearly $34M worth in crypto was confiscated by the federal prosecutors from a person belonging to Florida’s southeastern part. The BTC funds were collected by a citizen from … Read more