Canada Continues The Hunt For Freedom’s Protesters’ BTC Donations

While Canadian authorities have successfully stopped protests against vaccine compulsion, it is yet to seize all the BTC donations allotted for the demonstrations. The reason is that the government couldn’t track nearly 70% of the funds the protesters received while the protest lasted. Invoking An Executive Order And Freezing Funds One of the ways the … Read more

Social Media Platforms In China Restrict NFT Platforms Due To Lack Of Regulatory Clarity

Famous social media venues, as well as internet companies from China, have made updates on their policy by restricting or removing the NFT (non-fungible token) venues, referring to the deficiency in regulatory transparency along with the fear that the government would execute a crackdown on doing this. WeChat, a well-known Chinese social media company has … Read more

SushiSwap Community Plans To Reduce Future Risks With Newly Proposed Legal Structure

The community at the back of SushiSwap (a decentralized exchange) has proposed that the SushiDAO (a decentralized autonomous organization) should develop a foundation or association to lower the future hazards. The proposal of 20 March on the platform of SushiSwap is called Sushi Legal Structure. The target of the agenda is to incorporate a legal … Read more

New Hampshire Adopts A Bill That Favors Crypto

The latest in the list of positive advancements regarding the crypto market takes account of a bill that is approved by the New Hampshire state of the US to support BTC (Bitcoin) as well as the other digital assets. Consequently, the respective state has turned into the initial across the country to embrace a financial … Read more

China’s Guangzhou Province Cracks Down Mining Operations

According to multiple reports, the Guangzhou province in China has started a major series of crackdown events, in order to disrupt cryptocurrency mining operations. Severe Crackdowns after Crypto Ban China has been on the verge of banning cryptocurrencies and their trade for a quite a while now and it seems that they are not planning … Read more

Congress Writes Gensler Over SEC’s Requests From Crypto Firms

Minnesota representative, Tom Emmer, has shared a copy of the letter written to SEC chief, Gary Gensler, seeking clarification over the watchdog’s request from crypto players. Emmer and seven other congress members wrote the bipartisan letter to Gensler. Emmer made a move after several crypto projects wrote to him about the SEC’s request, with Emmer … Read more

Singapore And Switzerland Join Cryptocurrency Sanctions Against Russia

Singapore and Switzerland embrace the crypto sanctions implemented on Russia after it began invasion in Ukraine, to additionally separate Russia from the market of cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, it was also declared by Japan to consider the imposition of crypto sanctions. Ukraine’s request for prohibiting Russian citizens from the market of cryptocurrency was discarded on … Read more

New Report Says Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Complying With EU And US Sanctions

Amidst the crisis happening in the region of Ukraine, centralized crypto companies are directed to follow the sanctions that are being placed by the US and EU. In accordance with multiple reports, many cryptocurrency-based firms and exchanges that are working on a centralized basis will have to follow the newly forged sanctions that have been … Read more

OpenSea Faces Lawsuit For Failing To Ensure Its NFT Marketplace’s Security

An NFT collector, having unintentionally traded an NFT of Bored Ape Yacht Club for $26 because of a listing issue on the OpenSea platform, has submitted a legal filing for $1M to meet the damages. OpenSea is undergoing the lawsuit as it has allegedly been unsuccessful in guaranteeing the security of the NFT market thereof. … Read more

US SEC Received 200 Letters On Grayscale’s BTC ETF

Many people are taking interest in the decision of the US-based SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) regarding the application of Grayscale for a spot ETF of Bitcoin, as per Bloomberg. The US-based SEC asserts having received nearly 200 letters inquiring whether the organization will approve the respective application. As per the regulator, a majority of … Read more