India’s Finance Minister Calls For A Universal Crypto Framework

Today, India’s Finance Minister (Nirmala Sitharaman) addressed the nation over the new crypto policy implementation while delivering his keynote speech at the “money at a crossroad” forum. The event was attended by top economists worldwide, including a representative of the IMF (Kristalina Georgieva). There Is A Need For A Universal Crypto Regulation – Indian Minister … Read more

UK Plans To Bring Blockchain Tech And Stablecoins Payments In Financial Markets

In its efforts to adopt stablecoins and blockchain into the market, the government of UK has called for the revision of regulations implemented towards stablecoins. Seeing the immense growth of stablecoins in the digital asset market, the government of UK has announced that it will be pushing mainstream adoption of stablecoins, enabling them to the … Read more

Report: Indonesian Government Plans To Impose Tax On Cryptocurrency Next Month

The government of Indonesia is reportedly devising a strategy to implement a tax of nearly 0.1% over the capital gains from the crypto investments along with a VAT (value-added tax), on digital asset transfers from 1st May onward. As per a Friday report published on the behalf of Reuters, a spokesperson from the tax office … Read more

US SEC Disapproves Ark Investment And 21Shares Spot BTC ETF Application

The US SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has formally discarded the 21Shares and ARK’s BTC ETF (exchange-traded fund) application. In a filing on Thursday, the agency eliminated a suggested rule modification from the Cboe (Chicago Board Options Exchange) BZX Exchange for listing and trading of shares of the BTC (Bitcoin) ETF of 21Shares and ARK. … Read more

Japanese NFT Committee Suggests The Appointment Of A Web3 Minister

A Japanese NFT committee has submitted the report of its research. Part of its submission was a suggestion for the government to appoint a Web3 minister. Developing A Properly Regulated NFT Space In Japan In their submission, the NFT committee opined that a Web3 minister would control all activities going on in that space. Thus, … Read more

British Police Is Returning Stolen Crypto To Scam Victims

Users who have recently been affected by the attack on the Binance Smart Chain are now in relief, as the British Police have successfully managed to claim and start returning the stolen crypto assets. Regarding an update on the recent scam attack on the Binance Smart Chain, the British Police successfully managed to recover the … Read more

UK May Announce Cryptocurrency Regulations In Coming Weeks

The Finance Ministry of the United Kingdom will declare a unique regulatory agenda for crypto during the impending weeks, centred around stablecoins. As per the people acquainted with the situation, the latest regulations will favour the crypto industry, offering some transparency to deal with the mistiness of the present rules. As per the reports, officials … Read more

Department Of Justice Takes Action Against An Alleged NFT Rug Pull

The DOJ (Department of Justice) has taken measures against an accused rug pull of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) following it whacked the founders of an NFT project called Frosties with allegations taking account of money laundering as well scam. The duo founders have been charged with purposefully hiding the identities to execute the rug pull on … Read more

Bank Of England’s FPC Is Assessing Cryptocurrency Regulations In Collaboration With Other Regulators

The Financial Policy Committee of England’s central bank, as well as, the rest of the United Kingdom-based watchdogs are evaluating crypto regulation following the publication of reports regarding the financial stability in terms of decentralized finance as well as digital assets. The report by BoE was issued this Thursday, along with the simultaneous release of … Read more