Senators Gillibrand And Lummis Draft A New Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill

Two Senators from the United States have presented a new Crypto-based bill that is focused towards removing tax from crypto profits gainers of less than $600. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Cynthia Lummis from the United States have formally presented a proposal demanding a revision of taxation policy on individuals or companies that are gaining … Read more

Gibraltar Introduces New Cryptocurrency Rules On Market Integrity And Market Manipulation

The British overseas region called Gibraltar has incorporated unique crypto rules regarding market manipulation as well as market integrity to its DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) agenda. The minister for Digital and Financial Services of Gibraltar, Albert Isola, mentioned that in 2018 they were considered to be the initial jurisdiction across the globe for the legislation … Read more

Central Bank Of Cuba Authorizes Cryptocurrency Services

Regarding the announcement made by the Central Bank, the people of Cuba will now be able to officially trade cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the relative services that follow. Crypto-Friendly Regulations Financial development in the region of Cuba has recently taken a boost, as the Central Bank has announced the allowance of the issuance of … Read more

New York Senator Says Authorities Should Criminalize Cryptocurrency Frauds

Kevin Thomas – a Senator from New York State – proposed a unique bill modification request specifying particular offenses dealing with rug pulls as well as the rest of the frauds concerning the distribution of virtual assets, misuse of private keys as well as hidden interests related to crypto projects. Senator Thomas drafted the bill … Read more

State of Tennessee Is Considering Holding Unclaimed Crypto

Tennessee State has called for proposals to be submitted by the contractors that can assist it in managing unsigned crypto. As per the declaration, the authorities have demanded from the prospective Retailers to file a proposal under the Treasury Department of the state on their procedure to provide the services of crypto management to the … Read more

Banking Firm Commerzbank Applies For Cryptocurrency Custody License

With the expansion in the crypto market throughout the diverse regions of the globe and several industries, banking organizations are experiencing a growing demand from consumers to provide crypto-related facilities and investments in a regulated and secure manner. Commerzbank – a German-based bank – has taken its initial step to launch services related to digital … Read more

Tornado Cash Uses Chainalysis Oracles To Block OFAC-Santioned Wallet Addresses

Recently, it was declared by Tornado Cash that the platform was utilizing oracle contracts developed by Chainalysis to stop the wallet addresses that are sanctioned on the behalf of the U.S. OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control). The respective move is witnessed following the U.S. Treasury Department accused Lazarus Group (a cybercriminal from North Korea) … Read more

Famous Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Says It Will Be An Uphill Battle To Make BTC A Legal Tender In Mexico

While appearing at the Bitcoin 2022 Conference (which occurred in Miami), the chairman and founder of Grupo Salinas – Ricardo Salinas – gave an interview. Being an initial adopter of BTC (Bitcoin), Salinas has a first-hand experience of lows and highs across the market and acquired some knowledge in this way. Salinas commenced the day … Read more

US Labor Department Is ‘Gravely Concerned’ About Fidelity’s Crypto Retirement Plan

America’s Labor department has stated that it is hugely worried that Fidelity Investments is offering a retirement portfolio that includes crypto, especially BTC. A few days ago, Fidelity announced that its customers could have BTC in their retirement portfolio.  The Concerns Of The Labor Department A top-level executive of the employee benefits security administration (EBSA) … Read more

IMF Report Says the Usage Of Crypto In Corrupt Countries Is Higher Than Other Countries

In 2021, a significant upsurge has been witnessed in crypto adoption at a rapid pace, with some areas in advance embracing Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment means or legal tender. As per the research published on the behalf of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) on 25th March, people living in the countries where there are … Read more