Governor Bank Of England Calls For Strict Crypto Law Reforms

Sir Jon Cunliffe, leading the Bank of England in its financial stability mission as the bank’s Dy. Governor, called upon lawmakers and regulatory authorities. He wanted to provide and implement strict regulations concerning digital currencies. He was of the view that for avoiding any potential ‘crypto shock’, the UK needs to lay down tighter regulatory … Read more

Crypto Funds worth $150M Belonging To Taiwan Customers Stuck In FTX

A local law firm in Taiwan has claimed that crypto funds equivalent to $150 Million belonging to FTX’s customers in Taiwan are stuck in the collapsed FTX. The firm also suggested FTX’s Taiwan-based customers had invested funds in interest-based digital currencies trading which funds they had actually borrowed from local financial institutions. Taiwanese Funs Stuck … Read more

Crypto Fraudsters’ Network Busted By Cyberpolice Of Ukraine

A group of fraudsters actively involved in defrauding people by launching Ponzi crypto schemes was exposed by the National Police of Ukraine (NPU). NPU revealed that the network was operating through multiple offices, established several customer service centers, and employed thousands of people mainly from the EU member states. International Criminal Organization Busted In Ukraine … Read more

Netherland Queen Is Optimistic about Digital Euro’s Benefits

A variety of benefits, that CBDCs have the potential to offer, were explained in detail by Netherlands Queen, Her Majesty Maxima. Her Majesty believes that for offering support to minimum income earners, the digital euro could be immensely beneficial. Digital Euro would further help them in exploring other financial services with which they are not … Read more

Report Shows Brussels To Begin Talks On EU Crypto Tax

According to European officials, the European Commission is gearing up to discuss the adoption of a common tax regime with its member states that will apply to crypto assets. The national treasuries will participate in the talks that are expected to begin in the next year and their aim is to put an end to … Read more

Russia Likely To Legalize Crypto Mining, Suggests a Lawmaker

A fresh legal framework has been proposed by Russian lawmakers which aim at legalizing all sorts of cryptocurrencies in the country. The proposed law also suggests that though crypto can be mined in the country. However, their circulation will be made across the border and also within specific regimes for experimental purposes. Russian Parliament Drafts … Read more

Number Of Cryptocurrency ATMs Continues To Rise In Russia

If it was reported in 2021 that the number of cryptocurrency ATMs has been rising around the world, it would be considered quite normal. However, it comes as a huge surprise if the same claim is made in 2022. This is because, in the year 2021, the cryptocurrency industry was growing enormously big. Almost every … Read more

Indian Finance Minister Claims Crypto Regulation A Priority Under G20 Presidency

India is gearing up to take up the presidency of the G20 and Nirmala Sitharaman, the Finance Minister, said that she would love to highlight that the country is moving forward quickly where digital financial technology is concerned. Digital technology The Indian finance minister spoke on November 1st at the Indian Council for Research on … Read more

Future UK PM is Pro Crypto; What Does that Mean for the Country?

Following the unceremonious resignation Liz Truss, siting prime minister of the UK, the Conservative Party was quick to find a replacement for her. And the newest candidate for the current seat is none other than Rishi Sunak. Sunak is especially popular for his contributions as the Finance minister under Boris Johnson. During his tenure, Sunak … Read more

Argentine Tax Authority Notified 4,000 Crypto Holders For Tax Statements Amendments

The tax authority in Argentina, AFIP, has ramped up its battle against tax evasion in the country via cryptocurrencies. The organization disclosed on October 28th that notifications had been sent to 3,997 taxpayers in the country about the inconsistencies that existed between reports of their crypto holdings and their tax statements. The statements that are … Read more

CFTC Commissioner Compares Risk Of Crypto Contagion To Financial Crisis

Christy Goldsmith Romero, the Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) highlighted the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and its consequences. He cited the collapse as an example of the risks of contagion in the crypto markets is similar to what people part of the traditional finance (TradFi) system had experienced during the global … Read more

Turkey President Shows Unique Openness to the Crypto Market

Despite the crypto market going through one of its worst patches in a decade, this has not stopped a lot of the growth that the market continues to see. Many companies continue to work with various traditional markets and MasterCard could soon be offering a range of crypto debit cards. So other than the overall … Read more

Ripple’s Legal Team Confirms That Sec Emails Finally Released

The SEC has finally handed over emails and documents that may prove crucial to the Ripple versus SEC case. Since 2020, the firm behind cryptocurrency XRP has been involved in a legal battle with the SEC asserting that Ripple sold unregistered security illegally. On Thursday, the general counsel for Ripple, Stuart Alderoty, confirmed the news … Read more

Hong Kong Set To Diverge From China’s Ban On Digital Assets

The city of Hong Kong is currently working on releasing a set of regulatory reforms to make their region attractive to companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This is coming after the city lost business to rival nation Singapore. A senior official at Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Elizabeth Wong, revealed that … Read more

Mastercard Helps Banks In Starting Crypto Trading Services

After making strides with its crypto-friendly services, Mastercard is taking charge and helping banks get involved. The top-ranking payments system is set to launch a program that will assist banks in providing crypto trading services. The payments network will serve as a bridge between banks and Paxos, which is a crypto trading platform. Currently, PayPal … Read more

Crypto Expert Predicts Next Steps For Ripple After Latest SEC Setback

According to Jeremy Hogan, a crypto legal expert, the SEC won’t appeal the court’s decision ordering the agency to show evidence in their lawsuit against blockchain company Ripple. As a proponent of Ripple and its native token XRP, Hogan explained what happened in the court between the two parties on September 29. Speaking to his … Read more

XRP’s Issuer Ripple Hopes Final Decision In SEC Dispute In 2023’s Q1

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of XRP’s issuer Ripple, said that in no way US SEC can treat XRP as ‘security’ but rather as a ‘cryptocurrency’. He was optimistic that the dispute with SEC shall be brought to its end by an order in the first quarter of 2023. He further stressed that the dispute concerns … Read more

NASDAQ Plans To Launch Crypto Exchange But Needs Clear Regulations Before Doing So

The major stock exchange from the United States, NASDAQ has just made a statement in regards to exploring the cryptocurrency industry. There were reports that NASDAQ was in the process of launching a cryptocurrency exchange. However, the NASDAQ exchange has shut down all such claims and rumors but it has indicated one thing. Despite the … Read more

Banning Crypto Services From Serving Russians Among Latest EU Sanctions

As Russia ramps up military operations in Ukraine, the Council of the EU announced that it would enforce new sanctions against the Russian Federation. The sanctions are predicted to have a devastating effect on the Russian economy by prohibiting access to crypto services. They were enforced after the government in Moscow annexed Ukrainian areas like … Read more

Crypto ATMs Becoming Prominent Tool For Crypto Scammers, Says FBI

The Miami Field Office for the US Bureau of Investigation issued scam warnings for crypto ATMs, which allow users to withdraw cash in exchange for cryptocurrencies. According to their report, the ATMs are becoming a tool for crypto scammers to get funds from victims. The public was given this information as part of a great … Read more