The Equities Market Is The Cause Of BTC’s Poor Performance – Report

Even though BTC trading occurs round the clock, it usually makes its best bullish moves during weekends. Also, during weekends, it rarely makes any unusual moves during the US stock market operating hours on weekdays. BIG’s Observations About BTC Price Movement However, Bespoke Investment Group (BIG) data suggests BTC’s volatility is often different within the … Read more

Despite A 35% Drop In SHIB Price, Its Community Grows By 15K In Seven Days

Most of the digital assets are still trading in the negative as the general downturn in the crypto market continues. The SHIB Community Keeps Growing However, the SHIB community keeps growing even though the SHIB token has shed 35% of its value in the last seven days. Before May 10, 2022, the SHIB community grew … Read more

Ethereum Merge Likely in August: Vitalik Buterin Reveals

On Friday, Ethereum founder and crypto billionaire Vitalik Buterin stated that the Ethereum Merge would likely occur in August 2022. The Merge involves ETH blockchain transitioning from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. Buterin revealed the development during the Ethereum Shanghai web3 Developer Summit. He also confirmed potential risks would mean possible delays to September or the following … Read more

Evaluating Whether Tron (XRP) Still Holds Portion of Its Latest Gains

Tron network’s native token TRX was among the best crypto to hold during the recent market slump. Moreover, the altcoin appears to hold steady regardless of the unstable market conditions. Let us find more. TRX witnessed a massive rally from April’s second week as the broad market suffered a bloodbath amid a bearish attack. Tron … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Retests $30K as XRP surges 6% in a Day

XRP led large-cap alts within impressive 24-hour gains, whereas Bitcoin and ETH climbed to levels beyond $30K and $2K. Bitcoin finally climbed above $30,000 after spending some days beneath the mark. The bellwether crypto even challenged the $31,000 value area early on. While writing this blog, BTC traded at $30,295.66, gaining 3.47% within the previous … Read more

Major Cryptocurrencies Rise 9% as Market Shows Recovery

Amid the bleeding crypto market that has dominated headlines since Monday, BTC and ETH have rebounded, leading to the overall market recovery. The flagship coin crawled back to above $30k in the early hours of Friday, exchanging at a day high of $30.9k. Currently, it trades at $30.3k, shedding about 60 cents based on CoinMarketCap.  … Read more

US Treasury Secretary Reiterates Risks Associated With USD Pegged Tokens

Ex Fed chair and current US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, has shared her insights concerning the crypto sector following the decline of Terra’s native token and stablecoin. Earlier in the week, TerraUSD (UST) declined massively to a new daily low of $0.7495, and within a few hours later, it slid further to $0.6134.  Then, on … Read more

Ripple (XRP) Surges Over 5%; BTC Struggles at $40K

XRP and DOGE saw some upticks over the past 24hrs, whereas Bitcoin and most alts saw southward actions. The crypto market remains predominantly downward again as Bitcoin fights to overcome the $40K value area. On the other side, XRP and DOGE led the gainers, surging 5% and 4%, respectively. Most assets traded deep in the … Read more

Will Dogecoin (DOGE) Extend Its Leg-up toward $0.17 This Time?

DOGE’s price actions suggest an incoming buying momentum that may be vital in catalyzing another surge towards the previously tagged zone. That move remains crucial since flipping the obstacle may trigger further upside actions. DOGE Ready for Further Highs DOGE price lost a staggering 85% from all-time highs. The original meme coin hovers near $0.14 … Read more

Why Shiba Inu (SHIB) Traders Should Consider This

As analysts predicted, Shiba Inu rallied past its 20-50-200 Exponential Moving Average after a brief pullback to $0.023. However, this rally failed to steady beyond the Point of Control’s bounds. We multiplied SHIB prices by 1000 to ensure brevity. If the current candlestick closes beneath the Point of Control, bears would have what they need … Read more