Social Media Platforms In China Restrict NFT Platforms Due To Lack Of Regulatory Clarity

Famous social media venues, as well as internet companies from China, have made updates on their policy by restricting or removing the NFT (non-fungible token) venues, referring to the deficiency in regulatory transparency along with the fear that the government would execute a crackdown on doing this. WeChat, a well-known Chinese social media company has … Read more

NFT Startup Partners With Others To Launch The First NFT-Funded Motorsport Team

NFT startup (Unblocked), German GT driver Laura-Marie Geissler (LMG), and creative agency Amsterdam Berlin have collaborated to launch a motorsport team – the first of such anywhere worldwide. Aptly called LMG using Geissler’s initials, only NFT sales would be used to sponsor the driver’s race season without any funding from external sponsors. Hence, her fans … Read more

New Survey Says Blockchain Gamers Cosider Playing NFT Games A Full-Time Job

Notwithstanding the decline in the prices of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), the play-to-earn type of NFT gaming is moving ahead as a lot of people witness its potential to provide a living. A survey which was organized in the Philippines brought out that cumulative respondents’ 32 percent proportion mentioned to exit the job or consider about … Read more

Meta CEO Says They Are Going To Bring NFTs To Instagram Soon

Mark Zuckerberg – the CEO of Meta – has disclosed that the photo and video sharing application thereof (Instagram) is getting ready to integrate NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the venue. He stated while appearing in an Austin-based conference of South by Southwest, that they are operating on the NFT inclusion into Instagram which would be … Read more

Apecoin Will Bring Toxicity To The NFT Space – DOGE Co-Founder

One of Dogecoin’s founders, Billy Markus, tweeted that BAYC’s Apecoin launch will negatively impact the crypto market space. Markus’ Reasons For Criticizing The Apecoin Launch Markus opined that he doesn’t support BAYC’s Apecoin launch because newly launched tokens usually spark toxicity in the crypto market space and, in this case, the NFT space. Part of … Read more

Time Magazine To Release First Complete NFT Issue

Later this month, Time magazine’s first decentralized magazine issue will be released as an NFT. Time magazine is a famous media brand with millions of user base. This first decentralized issue features Vitalik Buterin, his vision for Ethereum, and his concerns about the crypto market. This Issue Focuses On Ethereum Founder Time will produce this … Read more

PwC Report Says Non-fungible Tokens Are the Future Of Crypto In Sports

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and digital assets are included in the ten prominent trends across the industry of sports, as per a report from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) regarding North America. While discussing the things like the modification of the infrastructure related to sports technology as well as making enhancements to consumer engagement, the report mentions … Read more

Possible BAYC And Animoca Collaboration May Require KYC Registration

There are unconfirmed reports that the proposed partnership between BAYC and Animoca brands will need KYC registration. Many NFT players have condemned the idea and even stated that they might not comply with such a directive. A Hint About The KYC Measures Many were alerted about the possible KYC registration after the official Twitter handle … Read more

NFT Marketplace Magic Eden Is All Set To Launch A DAO

The go-to platform for Solana-based NFTs, Magic Eden is introducing a new DAO, while also performing an airdrop of nearly 30,000 NFTs to its user base. Like how Ethereum-based NFT platform OpenSea has been performing, Magic Eden has been the NFT platform that has been leading the charge on the Solana network, topping many other … Read more

OpenSea Faces Lawsuit For Failing To Ensure Its NFT Marketplace’s Security

An NFT collector, having unintentionally traded an NFT of Bored Ape Yacht Club for $26 because of a listing issue on the OpenSea platform, has submitted a legal filing for $1M to meet the damages. OpenSea is undergoing the lawsuit as it has allegedly been unsuccessful in guaranteeing the security of the NFT market thereof. … Read more