Coffee Members Of Starbucks Will Be Enjoying More Than Coffee

On Monday, Starbucks made an announcement through its website for the entire Starbucks community. In the post, Starbucks announced that their customers will be able to enjoy coffee as well as gain the opportunity of earning digital items. Starbucks to Offer Digital Stamps According to the officials at Starbucks, they want to offer their customers … Read more

Dubai Has Approved Calvin Cheng’s Proposal For A VASP License

Through his Web3 firm (FZE), Calvin Cheng will invest in projects that enable the integration of fashion, media, and entertainment into crypto. Dubai virtual asset regulatory authority (VARA) approved a provisional VASP license for Cheng’s FZE. VARA is the first regulator for digital assets globally. VARA is key to Dubai’s move towards accomplishing an economy … Read more

OpenSea Experiences A Server Breach On its Discord Mainnet

OpenSea (a prominent marketplace for NFT) underwent a server hack on its chief Discord channel and the hackers posted false declarations of collaboration with YouTube. On Friday, a posted screenshot presented the news of the fake collaboration, along with a link directing to a phishing site. The formal Twitter account of OpenSea Support posted a … Read more

VanEck Becomes The First Asset Management Firm To Launch An NFT Offer

On Monday, VanEck announced the launch of the VanEck community NFT, an initiative where crypto investors and anyone curious about the NFT space can join the firm’s crypto community. As part of the launch, 1,000 VanEck NFTs would be released to demonstrate the actual utility of NFTs. The asset management firm is convinced that a … Read more

Coinbase’s NFT Marketplace Moves Into Beta

The NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace of Coinbase (the leading crypto exchange) has witnessed its beta launch up to six months following the firm declared its strategy to initiate a waitlist for its official site. As per a blog post on Wednesday, the crypto exchange stated that the Coinbase NFT’s beta testers would potentially establish online … Read more

Blockchain Games Record 200% Increase In Activity, $2.6B Investments – Report

Various economic factors and security issues from early this year have negatively impacted the blockchain games market like the rest of the crypto market.  Blockchain Games’ Performance In The Last 12 Months However, new data reveal that the performance of blockchain games in the last 12 months has been hugely impressive. A DAppRadar data revealed … Read more

Ledger Has Launched A New Wallet Specialized In NFTs

Massive hard wallet supplying firm, ledger is recently introduced a new wallet named Nano S Plus, that is favored towards non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Global hard wallet supplier, Ledger has now shined a brand-new wallet named, Nano S Plus which is specially geared towards providing NFT Collectors the features and security they require to store their … Read more

Famous US Rapper Snoop Dogg Intends To Release NFT Collection On Cardano

Favoring the potential of Cardano, American Rap Legend, Snoop Dogg has decided to Introduce his own NFT collection on the Cardano network, scheduled to be launched on the 5th of April. Snoop Dogg and NFTs Although it isn’t the first time that the rap legend, Snoop Dogg has worked on cryptocurrency-based projects, but this time … Read more

Japanese NFT Committee Suggests The Appointment Of A Web3 Minister

A Japanese NFT committee has submitted the report of its research. Part of its submission was a suggestion for the government to appoint a Web3 minister. Developing A Properly Regulated NFT Space In Japan In their submission, the NFT committee opined that a Web3 minister would control all activities going on in that space. Thus, … Read more

OpenSea Is Going To Integrate Solana Blockchain This Month

OpenSea – the most prominent marketplace of NFTs – has declared approaching incorporation of support for SOL (Solana) blockchain on the venue, which counts to be a long-awaited step that, according to the suggestion of numerical data and industry experts, could provide reciprocal advantages throughout both ecosystems, along with the positive sentiments in terms of … Read more