Reports Reveal Illicit Cryptocurrency Transactions Rose in the Last Two Years

DeFi is a crucial sector that has revolutionized finance. Yet, it’s an extremely vulnerable sector due to its decentralized mode of operations and openness. It leaves the space susceptible to scammers and criminals who use the industry for selfish gains.  Hacking and money laundering are the two most common illicit activities in the DeFi space. … Read more

US Treasury Department Has Issued First Sanctions Against Crypto Mixer

The U.S. Treasury has declared that the crypto mixing service, Blender has dangerous connections to hackers in the region of North Korea and has been utilized for other criminal activities. Blender in Big Trouble According to the Office of Foreign Assets Control in the United States Treasury, cryptocurrency mixing service, Blender is supposedly involved in … Read more

OpenSea Experiences A Server Breach On its Discord Mainnet

OpenSea (a prominent marketplace for NFT) underwent a server hack on its chief Discord channel and the hackers posted false declarations of collaboration with YouTube. On Friday, a posted screenshot presented the news of the fake collaboration, along with a link directing to a phishing site. The formal Twitter account of OpenSea Support posted a … Read more

The Venezuelan Government Wants To Solidify The Bolivar As The Main Currency For Transactions

The Bolivar is gradually being strengthened following the government’s imposition of a 3% tax on crypto transactions. Having faced various economic crises five years ago, the Venezuelan president authorized the de-facto dollarization to escape the nation’s economic woes. However, the country is seeking to make a u-turn to de-dollarize its economy and make the nation’s … Read more

Senators Gillibrand And Lummis Draft A New Cryptocurrency Regulation Bill

Two Senators from the United States have presented a new Crypto-based bill that is focused towards removing tax from crypto profits gainers of less than $600. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Senator Cynthia Lummis from the United States have formally presented a proposal demanding a revision of taxation policy on individuals or companies that are gaining … Read more

Crypto Companies In the UK Double Pay To Attract Cybercrime Professionals

Crypto companies in the United Kingdom are starting to take away the professional cybercrime police to guarantee their measures for regulatory compliance, as per a report published by Bloomberg. The National Police Chiefs’ Council, an entity responsible for representing the entirety of the police officers throughout the United Kingdom, asserts that the professional cybercrime policemen … Read more

Gibraltar Introduces New Cryptocurrency Rules On Market Integrity And Market Manipulation

The British overseas region called Gibraltar has incorporated unique crypto rules regarding market manipulation as well as market integrity to its DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) agenda. The minister for Digital and Financial Services of Gibraltar, Albert Isola, mentioned that in 2018 they were considered to be the initial jurisdiction across the globe for the legislation … Read more

Dubai’s DAMAC Properties Begins Accepting BTC And ETH Payments

DAMAC Properties, a Dubai-based real estate company with a worth of several million dollars, has begun embracing ETH (Ether) and BTC (Bitcoin) payments for the luxury abodes thereof. the establishment of DAMAC Properties was done in 2002 on the behalf of Hussain Sajwani, and the company has organized business across the U.K. Canada, and the … Read more

Central Bank Of Cuba Authorizes Cryptocurrency Services

Regarding the announcement made by the Central Bank, the people of Cuba will now be able to officially trade cryptocurrencies and take advantage of the relative services that follow. Crypto-Friendly Regulations Financial development in the region of Cuba has recently taken a boost, as the Central Bank has announced the allowance of the issuance of … Read more

Central Bank Of Spain’s Study Says Cryptocurrency Users In Europe Prefer Ubacked Crypto And DEXs

Recently, research conducted on the behalf of Spain’s Central Bank indicates that unbacked cryptocurrencies and DEXs are considerably famous across the European crypto industry. On 26th April, a report was published by the Bank of Spain on the ways through which the Europeans and Spaniards have been utilizing crypto in the previous year. The report … Read more