Nasdaq Is Getting Ready To Introduce Crypto Custody

In recent months, the cryptocurrency industry has started to dwindle at a faster scale. Despite the downtrend, the cryptocurrency industry has gained a lot of adoption in the mainstream industry. Nasdaq is Adopting Cryptocurrencies as a Custody Nasdaq, a multinational financial services firm has announced that it is going to introduce digital asset custody services. … Read more

Yellow Card To Increase Its Business And Service Network In Africa Following A Funding Round

Yellow Card, a cryptocurrency exchange focused on the African region has recently made an announcement surrounding a funding round. A Successful Funding Round The exchange officials have recently announced that they have successfully concluded a funding round. It was the Series B funding round that helped the company generate $40 million. It was just a … Read more

Another Gaming Giant From Japan “Bandai Namco” Aims To Enter Blockchain Gaming

The Japanese gaming industry seems to be looking forward to gaining more exposure in the blockchain gaming industry versus other major gaming giants. Bandai Namco is the latest gaming giant from Japan with aim of exploring the blockchain gaming sector. Over the course of time, the adoption level of the blockchain industry has continued to … Read more

GMX, a Decentralized Exchange Suffers an Exploit worth $565,000

GMX, a decentralized exchange (DEX) has recently suffered a manipulation. The reports claim price manipulation has been witnessed by the DEX. The exchange has reportedly suffered from an exploit that was carried out by an exploiter. Around $565k Exploited The reports confirm that as a result of the exploit, it was around $565,000 that the … Read more

Interpol to Issue a Red Notice against Do Kwon

The law enforcement authorities in South Korea are very serious about getting their hands on Do Kwon, the founder of the Terra Network. Prosecutors Ask Interpol to Intervene The prosecutors in South Korea are also aiming to bring Do Kwon to court to question him about the Terra Network’s dilemma that took place in May … Read more

As Currency Restrictions Ease, Hardware Crypto Wallet Sales Have Experienced A Decline In Russia

The demand for cold wallets has been declining in Russia on a large scale. The fall in demand for cold wallets has been recorded after recording a tremendous rise in the spring season. Cold Wallets in Russia are overstocked The sellers of the hardware cryptocurrency wallets have recently shared an update surrounding the stocks they … Read more

Securities Law May Get Implemented in Light of Ether Staking Implementation

It was a tremendous relief for the team behind the implementation of Ethereum Merge. Finally, after a long time, the implementation of the Merge has been put in place, which went flawlessly. The overall process of the implementation of Merge involved multiple processes and tests. Finally, after all necessary checks and testing were executed, the … Read more

Web3 Development to Accelerate Tremendously Following Teaming up of Google Cloud and BNB Smart Chain

BNB Smart Chain has announced that they have formed a partnership with Google Cloud. Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange is behind the development and launch of the BNB Smart Chain. A Strategic Partnership The officials at the BNB Smart Chain have confirmed that their partnership with Google Cloud is a strategic one. Google Cloud is … Read more

People In Norway Are Demanding Noisy Bitcoin Miners To Leave Their Country

From the beginning of 2022, a great level of concern has been recorded among cryptocurrency users pertaining to the situation of the crypto-verse. In the crypto world, multiple issues have injected fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among cryptocurrency investors. The highest level of FUD recorded in the cryptocurrency industry is pertaining to the high risks … Read more

Bitcoin’s Trading Price Has Hit 3-Week High And It Is On Track To Hit $29,000

On September 12, the investors with positive sentiments were excited to see that Bitcoin (BTC) kept grinding higher. Bitcoin’s price kept moving higher because of the input from Wall Street. The traders were highly interested in keeping the trend moving in favor of Bitcoin’s upward movement. Data from TradingView The data from TradingView has shown … Read more