Is Binance Safe & Reliable to Store Cryptocurrencies?

Choosing the right crypto exchange is similar to finalizing your next smartphone. You need to take all the factors into account to make a wise decision. At the presence time, the cryptocurrency exchange market is jam-packed with a number of choices, therefore picking the right crypto trading platform or exchange can be unnerving for both novices and veteran crypto users.

Is Binance Safe & Reliable to Store Cryptocurrencies?

Binance is one of the most popular crypto exchanges available online. It’s currently based in the Island of Malta, EU. It is considered as the best choice for crypto-to-crypto services. Although the company is new to the crypto world, it has somehow managed to earn a lot of popularity. There’re a number of reasons behind its sudden popularity: low trading fees, friendly CEO, and impressive number of ICO listings. In this review, we’ll try to highlight everything associates with Binance.

How it works?

When you visit Binance, you can see that they offer two trading options: basic and advanced. Neither the advanced, nor the basic options are easy for complete novices. You need to improve your knowledge to successfully trade at Binance. The advanced version offer more in-depth analysis of cryptocurrencies value in comparison to the basic version. At the moment, the basic version provides several charts and graphs for the pairs you are trading, trade history, and order books.

Getting started with Binance is super easy. All you need is to provide your personal information. If you’re new to setting up a Binacne account, you can either watch a tutorial video or contact their customer support staff to get the right advice.

The Bottom Line

Binance is a safe and secure crypto exchange and you can fully rely on it for your crypto assets. However, one may have trouble understanding its features in the beginning. But this point isn’t strong enough to be considered significant.