How to Start an Effective ICO Campaign

To run a successful ICO campaign, you need to put your best foot forward. Try to devise a solid plan to stay ahead of the competition. If you’re having trouble making ICO marketing strategy, the following tips will definitely help make your ICO look more legitimate. All the tips mentioned below are tested and proven and can take your ICO to the next level. Let’s find out how you can run an effective ICO campaign:

How to Start an Effective ICO Campaign

Prepare an informative, appealing whitepaper

You can’t be successful in your ICO unless you write a comprehensive whitepaper. It’s a document containing info about your projects. It’s highly recommended that you hire an expert for writing and reviewing your whitepaper. There’re lots of services available online, which you can avail to put your thoughts into words. Everyone will first check your whitepaper prior to making a decision of investing in your project.

Target social media platforms

Be sure to use social media power to drive more traffic to your ICO. These social media sites include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and more. You’re supposed to target popular Facebook groups, Quora discussions or something along these lines.

Invest in a decent website design

Your website is one of the most important things you should pay your special attention to. If your website doesn’t look fine, chances are high people will underrate your ICO.  So, it’s crucial that you invest in the best web design to make your ICO look more legitimate. In addition to making your website look awesome, you should also avail SEO services from a trusted SEO agency. They can help you stand out in a crowd.

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