People In Norway Are Demanding Noisy Bitcoin Miners To Leave Their Country

From the beginning of 2022, a great level of concern has been recorded among cryptocurrency users pertaining to the situation of the crypto-verse. In the crypto world, multiple issues have injected fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) among cryptocurrency investors. The highest level of FUD recorded in the cryptocurrency industry is pertaining to the high risks … Read more

Kazakhstan’s BTC Miners To Pay Taxes Correlated To the Price Of Bitcoin

When China started a crackdown against bitcoin mining, Chinese BTC miners decided to move toward Kazakhstan because it was considered a favorable country for bitcoin mining. Chinese bitcoin miners got welcomed by the government of Kazakhstan. But now there’s a piece of bad news for bitcoin miners because the government is planning to impose new … Read more

Bitcoin Blockchain Energy Consumption Declines By 26% – Data

The high rate of energy consumption and a negative impact on the environment is why many authorities are considering a ban on pow blockchains. However, the new data by the bitcoin mining council (BMC) has proved otherwise. The report, shared on Monday, revealed that the BTC network’s electricity consumption has decreased by nearly 26% since … Read more

Investigate The Environmental Legality Of Crypto Mining – US Legislators To EPA

There has been a huge debate among legislators from all nations regarding the possibility of crypto mining having any negative environmental impact. Hence, it is no wonder that the US lawmakers have summoned its environmental protection agency (EPA) over the issue. The summon, which was proposed by rep. Jared Huffman, aims to know the stance … Read more

19th Millionth BTC Mined With Only 2 Million Left

On Friday, the nineteenth millionth BTC was minted, marking a historic moment in the history of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Presently, nineteen million BTC are in circulation, with 2 million remaining to be generated (or mined) until about 2140. The Nineteenth millionth Bitcoin was released into the crypto market in block number 730002, which … Read more

Chinese Court Claims That Crypto Mining Is Legal

Before May 2021, China’s BTC mining hash rate of 55% was the largest globally. However, the country started a clampdown on all crypto activities after that period. A Chinese district court has claimed that crypto mining in China is still legal. Crypto Mining Is Legal – Judge Qingtang A network maintenance staff was charged to … Read more

Crypto Mining Firm HIVE Blockchain Purchases New ASIC Chips To Expand Into Texas

The cryptocurrency mining firm HIVE Blockchain Technology is always looking for an improvement, that’s why it has made an agreement with Intel (A Semiconductor Maker) for purchasing ASIC chips. The firm will use these chips in its new custom mining equipment. The firm gave the contract of new devices to the third-party custom designer. These … Read more

China’s Guangzhou Province Cracks Down Mining Operations

According to multiple reports, the Guangzhou province in China has started a major series of crackdown events, in order to disrupt cryptocurrency mining operations. Severe Crackdowns after Crypto Ban China has been on the verge of banning cryptocurrencies and their trade for a quite a while now and it seems that they are not planning … Read more

Intel Corporation Is Planning On Stepping Into Mining Chip Race

­Initially, the CPUs were utilized in the home computers for mining Bitcoin and those central personal units were manufactured for general objectives. Mining counts to be a process in which a limited amount of Bitcoins is created by miners (usually considered to be the people by whom the cryptographic puzzles are solved for the verification … Read more

Intel’s Second-gen ASIC Miner Performs Much Better Than its Predecessor

Intel’s new ASIC crypto mining chips might become the new leader in that space. Top semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, recently launched a prototype of its new ASIC miner during the recently concluded ISSCC 2022 conference. The Making of The Best Mining Rig While this prototype was the standout presentation from Intel, it wasn’t the only presentation … Read more