Binance CEO Gearing Up For Equity Investor Position After Musk Acquires Twitter

On Friday, Binance confirmed that the CEO would be participating as an equity investor while Elon Musk takes over Twitter. In an email statement, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming move. This comes after Elon Musk completed a $44 billion acquisition deal for Twitter He said that the exchange was … Read more

$14.5m Exploit Devastates Team Finance Crypto Launchpad

An up and coming crypto launchpad, Team Finance, faced a severe $14.5 million exploit, which, according to the firm, occurred due to an issue in the migration feature. Team Finance Pauses Activities after Major Exploit In a tweet, Team Finance explained that ever since they spotted the exploit, they’ve stopped all activities. Additionally, the firm … Read more

Freeway, Major Staking Platform, Restricts Withdrawals Following News of Market Volatility

The crypto market has continued to see some of the most volatile and some of the biggest companies with the most potential fall. And as the rest of the market prepares for some of the worst downfalls that it has experienced in years, some projects might soon be contributing to that downfall. Crypto projects have … Read more

A Security Alert Issued By 3Commas Surrounding A Hack That Involves FTX

A security alert has recently been issued by 3Commas, an automated cryptocurrency trading bot provider. The alert was issued by 3Commas following the identification of certain FTX API keys. The provider has reported that the particular keys are being used by exploiters in order to perform trades. The data provided by 3Commas confirms that the … Read more

Aptos Asks Binance To Halt $APT Listing – Here’s Why

Ever since the accidental Aptos Tokenomics leak, the firm’s team is going around asking major crypto exchanges such as Binance to stop their listing of APT. Early Tuesday, Upbit, a crypto exchange based in South Korea, suddenly leaked the tokenomics. However, Binance already made announcements for the upcoming listing of APTUSDT. The perpetual contracts were … Read more

Binance Carried Out Its 21st Quarterly Coin Burn, Burning BNB Tokens Worth $547 Million

Binance, a multinational cryptocurrency exchange has announced its latest Binance Coin (BNB) burn. The exchange has reportedly burned a tremendous number of BNB tokens in the process. $547 Million Worth of BNB Tokens The exchange officials confirmed that it was their 21st quarterly burn and in the process, they burned $547 million worth of BNB … Read more

NASDAQ Plans To Launch Crypto Exchange But Needs Clear Regulations Before Doing So

The major stock exchange from the United States, NASDAQ has just made a statement in regards to exploring the cryptocurrency industry. There were reports that NASDAQ was in the process of launching a cryptocurrency exchange. However, the NASDAQ exchange has shut down all such claims and rumors but it has indicated one thing. Despite the … Read more

FTX Ends Up Getting Enlisted As An Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Exchange In UK

FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange operating internationally has recently been dealt a low blow by the UK regulatory authority. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has dropped a huge bomb of concern and high risk over the investors in the United Kingdom. FCA Enlists FTX as Unregistered Entity The FCA has reportedly … Read more

Yellow Card To Increase Its Business And Service Network In Africa Following A Funding Round

Yellow Card, a cryptocurrency exchange focused on the African region has recently made an announcement surrounding a funding round. A Successful Funding Round The exchange officials have recently announced that they have successfully concluded a funding round. It was the Series B funding round that helped the company generate $40 million. It was just a … Read more

As Currency Restrictions Ease, Hardware Crypto Wallet Sales Have Experienced A Decline In Russia

The demand for cold wallets has been declining in Russia on a large scale. The fall in demand for cold wallets has been recorded after recording a tremendous rise in the spring season. Cold Wallets in Russia are overstocked The sellers of the hardware cryptocurrency wallets have recently shared an update surrounding the stocks they … Read more

300,000 OP Tokens To Be Given Out To Users Of 1inch On Optimism

1inch, a major decentralized exchange aggregator has made an announcement for its users involving the distribution of free tokens. Optimism Participants Brace for Rewards 1inch has announced that the free tokens will be given to the users who participate in Optimism. The developers behind 1inch have stated that with the launch of the reward program, … Read more

Nox Crypto Exchange Refunds Its UST Holders At A $1 Rate

Various media outlets in Brazil report that a local crypto exchange, Nox exchange, has refunded all UST holders on its platform at $1.  While the move is unprecedented and commendable, the platform clarified that users could only receive their lost UST tokens with the USDT stablecoin. Per multiple reports, Nox spent about $127K (620K Reais) … Read more

Major Cryptocurrencies Rise 9% as Market Shows Recovery

Amid the bleeding crypto market that has dominated headlines since Monday, BTC and ETH have rebounded, leading to the overall market recovery. The flagship coin crawled back to above $30k in the early hours of Friday, exchanging at a day high of $30.9k. Currently, it trades at $30.3k, shedding about 60 cents based on CoinMarketCap.  … Read more

US Treasury Secretary Reiterates Risks Associated With USD Pegged Tokens

Ex Fed chair and current US Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, has shared her insights concerning the crypto sector following the decline of Terra’s native token and stablecoin. Earlier in the week, TerraUSD (UST) declined massively to a new daily low of $0.7495, and within a few hours later, it slid further to $0.6134.  Then, on … Read more

A Top Singapore Commercial Bank Is About To Launch Eco-Friendly Tokens

One of Singapore’s top commercial banks, OCBC, has announced a new partnership with metaverse green exchange (MVGX) to launch tokens related to eco-friendly tech firms. Part of the agreement terms states that firms can offset their carbon footprint by purchasing a portion of the carbon credit tokens issued under this collaboration between these two firms. … Read more

Crypto Exchange Kraken Closes Its Headquarters

CEO of Kraken, Jesse Powell recently decided to close the firm’s headquarters, located in the city of San Francisco, due to safety reasons. Closure of Headquarters Kraken’s CEO, Jesse Powell has closed the main headquarters of the firm which was present in San Francisco over safety issues. Jesse Powell has stated that the city has … Read more

Ledger Has Launched A New Wallet Specialized In NFTs

Massive hard wallet supplying firm, ledger is recently introduced a new wallet named Nano S Plus, that is favored towards non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Global hard wallet supplier, Ledger has now shined a brand-new wallet named, Nano S Plus which is specially geared towards providing NFT Collectors the features and security they require to store their … Read more

PaytechNo OU Review – Taking a Close Look at the Exchange

PaytechNo OU Review Signing up on a cryptocurrency exchange is a must for anyone who wants to jump onto the cryptocurrency bandwagon. There are millions of people around the world who are interested in these digital currencies because they have proven to be quite a profitable investment. When Bitcoin reached a value of almost $20,000, … Read more

Binance Hires Former Microsoft Executive Rohit Wad As Its New CTO

Crypto Exchange Binance takes a big step, hiring a first-class Ex-Microsoft executive Corporate Vice President and making him the new CTO. According to a blog post from Binance, it was revealed that the exchange has managed to pick up one of Microsoft’s top-level executives, Rohit Wad and had assigned him as the firm’s latest Chief … Read more

Mt. Gox Cold Wallet Transfers Nearly 7K BTC To An Anonymous Wallet

A couple of days ago, the ex-CEO of Mt. Gox, Mark Karples, disclosed that the company has drawn up a plan to credit its debtors with $6.5B worth of BTC. Well, it seems the company is about to execute the plan as on-chain crypto tracking firm, Whalealert, revealed that the exchange’s cold wallet moved nearly … Read more