GameFi And Metaverse Projects Lead The Crypto Domain

Gamers and enthusiasts of metaverse platforms are the key demographic for crypto. Many millennials and Gen Z represent these audiences. Both generations are preparing to become the most important group for any market-middle-aged spenders. While many technology experts are laughing at Meta and its failing stocks, Mark Zuckerberg is determined to continue pushing the idea … Read more

Dogecoin On The Downtrend Indicating The Loss Of Confidence Among Retail Traders

DOGE is a peculiar digital asset that was conceived as a practical joke and turned into a massive success story. Great power means great responsibility, as one famous comic character once said. It is particularly true for Dogecoin, which had to adapt to the new reality of being one of the biggest tokens in the … Read more

Australia Will Tackle the Regulation of the Crypto Industry

It seems that the FTX collapse caused many governments to rethink their strategies regarding cryptocurrencies. The United Kingdom already has its multi-year plan ready, and Spain announced that they would be creating a “sandbox” to isolate the crypto sector from the economy. The latter is a way to test some products and features of the … Read more

Be Careful With Axie Infinity And Stay Calm

AXS has been making noise recently thanks to its double-digit percentage gain over the last week following the announcement of the development team that the project is moving along to the next update that will bring more decentralization to the game and its community which should, in theory, improve tokenomics and create new incentives for … Read more

Maersk And IBM Cease Development Of Tradelens, A Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Platform

Maersk and IBM have made an announcement about the development of TradeLens, a supply chain platform being built on the blockchain. The logistics company from Denmark and the US-based technology company have both announced that they are going to discontinue the development TradeLens. Both companies had been working together for the development of TradeLens, co-creating … Read more

BTC and ETH Prices Expected to Experience a fall as FTX Hacker Makes a Move

Once again, Ether (ETH) is facing the impact of a move being made by a hacker who had stolen funds from the FTX exchange. Hackers Drained More than $450 Million Just when the FTX exchange announced its bankruptcy, a hacker made an attempt again at the FTX and FTX USA exchanges. He was successful in … Read more

Investors Should be More Careful as Technical Indicators for MakerDAO (MKR) Pose Worries

The current crypto winter is continuing to be volatile and full of bearish and bullish trends turning cryptocurrencies upside down within the space of 24 hours. The current technical indicators have warned traders of potential dangers. MKR prices surge to $652.01 as a bullish trend continues to dominate the market on the last day of … Read more

Coinbase Discloses Its BTC Holding to Be 2 Million

Brian Armstrong, the founder, and CEO of Coinbase announced that at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022, his company’s Bitcoin holding comprised over 2 Million BTCs. Crypto Exchanges’ Voluntary Disclosures FTX contagion has not only shocked but jolted entry crypto industry, the economy as well as the crypto community. It seems as if … Read more

Governor Bank Of England Calls For Strict Crypto Law Reforms

Sir Jon Cunliffe, leading the Bank of England in its financial stability mission as the bank’s Dy. Governor, called upon lawmakers and regulatory authorities. He wanted to provide and implement strict regulations concerning digital currencies. He was of the view that for avoiding any potential ‘crypto shock’, the UK needs to lay down tighter regulatory … Read more

Crypto Funds worth $150M Belonging To Taiwan Customers Stuck In FTX

A local law firm in Taiwan has claimed that crypto funds equivalent to $150 Million belonging to FTX’s customers in Taiwan are stuck in the collapsed FTX. The firm also suggested FTX’s Taiwan-based customers had invested funds in interest-based digital currencies trading which funds they had actually borrowed from local financial institutions. Taiwanese Funs Stuck … Read more

Three Key Officials Fired By Collapsing FTX, FTT Loses More Respect

The top three key executives, who were long associated with FTX, had been fired by the management of near to collapse crypto trading platform, FTX. Amongst the fired individuals, one of them was the person who had helped lay down the foundations of FTX as its co-founder. It soon became the world’s biggest and most … Read more

Buyers/Sellers Attempting To Move CHZ To Their Side, Market Sentiments Are Bullish

The current price movement of Chiliz (CHZ) shows that the investors are trying to bring it into the inverse head and shoulders pattern. Once CHZ is within the pattern, the investors will try to break out of its neckline to form a positive. This would allow the trading price of CHZ to move in an … Read more

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Author Believes Nothing Is Wrong With Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki’s Tax on FTX Fiasco Robert Kiyosaki, who authored an award-winning book called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, shared his viewpoint on Bitcoin, FTX, and FTX’s CEO. Currently, FTX is undergoing the process of bankruptcy while the crypto exchange’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has resigned from the position of CEO. Rich Dad Poor Dad was … Read more

Berkshire’s VP Charlie Munger Reveals His Hatred For Bitcoin And Love For The Fed

Charlie Munger’s Viewpoint on FTX Collapse Vice President of Berkshire, Charlie Munger, is the apple-eyed boy of Warren Buffett and both of them have been doing business together for many years. However, the former had a few revelations of which FTX, Bitcoin, the US Federal Reserve, and Elon Musk were all part. Firstly, Munger made … Read more

Crypto Fraudsters’ Network Busted By Cyberpolice Of Ukraine

A group of fraudsters actively involved in defrauding people by launching Ponzi crypto schemes was exposed by the National Police of Ukraine (NPU). NPU revealed that the network was operating through multiple offices, established several customer service centers, and employed thousands of people mainly from the EU member states. International Criminal Organization Busted In Ukraine … Read more

$1 Billion Worth Of Crypto Funds Of Customers Go Missing From FTX

Missing Funds Belonging to FTX’s Customers Individuals closely linked with FTX’s trauma have noted customers’ funds (aggregating up to US$ 1 Billion) gone missing from the collapsed exchange. Founder of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, was reported to have transferred crypto funds amounting to US$ 10 Billion into Alameda Research. The receiving company too was founded by … Read more

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust Drops To Record Low After FTX Collapse

After setting a new record low in the previous week, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) dropped to yet another record low, primarily because of the price of Bitcoin. YCharts revealed data showing that the GBTC that tracks Bitcoin’s price had been discounted by 42.69% as of Friday morning. How it works GBTC was first introduced in … Read more

Bitcoin Reportedly Trying Hard Not To Hitting A Bottom At $12,200

So far, the year 2022 has proven to be a roller coaster ride for Bitcoin (BTC) but November proved to be even more aggressive. Bitcoin Bulls Attempted a Rebound Bitcoin started the month of November on a high note as its price kept surging. The price of BTC continued rising against all the odds but … Read more