Cleanspark Acquires Bitcoin Mining Rigs Worth $5.9 Million

Exactly 3,853 top-of-the-line Bitcoin mining rigs have been bought at an approximate value of $6 Million by Cleanspark from Bitmain. According to Cleanspark, the company had acquired from than 26 thousand rigs since June this year. Massive Acquisition of Bitcoin Mining Rigs About a month ago Cleanspark, which is a Bitcoin mining entity, informed us … Read more

Survey Reveals Republicans And Democrats Consider Cryptocurrencies To Be Future Of Finance

One of the largest digital currency asset managers in the world, Grayscale Investments has shared the results of a survey it recently carried out. National Survey Grayscale Investments announced that it recently carried out a national survey that has provided assurance to the cryptocurrency community. According to the latest national survey, the Republicans and the … Read more

Future UK PM is Pro Crypto; What Does that Mean for the Country?

Following the unceremonious resignation Liz Truss, siting prime minister of the UK, the Conservative Party was quick to find a replacement for her. And the newest candidate for the current seat is none other than Rishi Sunak. Sunak is especially popular for his contributions as the Finance minister under Boris Johnson. During his tenure, Sunak … Read more

Freeway, Major Staking Platform, Restricts Withdrawals Following News of Market Volatility

The crypto market has continued to see some of the most volatile and some of the biggest companies with the most potential fall. And as the rest of the market prepares for some of the worst downfalls that it has experienced in years, some projects might soon be contributing to that downfall. Crypto projects have … Read more

CFTC Commissioner Compares Risk Of Crypto Contagion To Financial Crisis

Christy Goldsmith Romero, the Commissioner of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) highlighted the collapse of the Terra ecosystem and its consequences. He cited the collapse as an example of the risks of contagion in the crypto markets is similar to what people part of the traditional finance (TradFi) system had experienced during the global … Read more

Crypto Analyst Believes That A Catalyst Will Trigger Bullish Market In BTC

A major crypto analyst is predicting that the crypto market could start surging as soon as a single catalyst manages to hit. According to their prediction, a single event will come along and help Bitcoin escape the bullish market. And thanks to the insider’s experience with the rest of the crypto market. The crypto market … Read more

Turkey President Shows Unique Openness to the Crypto Market

Despite the crypto market going through one of its worst patches in a decade, this has not stopped a lot of the growth that the market continues to see. Many companies continue to work with various traditional markets and MasterCard could soon be offering a range of crypto debit cards. So other than the overall … Read more

Ukraine Russia Conflict Boosts Crypto Activity In Both Countries

Although the conflict between Ukraine and Russia is causing huge damage on both sides, which has been further fueled by the ongoing high inflation and worst economic situations. Almost every aspect of life in the two battling countries is gravely disturbed except for one thing namely the cryptocurrency activity. War Boosts Crypto Activity In Ukraine … Read more

Mastercard Helps Banks In Starting Crypto Trading Services

After making strides with its crypto-friendly services, Mastercard is taking charge and helping banks get involved. The top-ranking payments system is set to launch a program that will assist banks in providing crypto trading services. The payments network will serve as a bridge between banks and Paxos, which is a crypto trading platform. Currently, PayPal … Read more

Crypto Expert Predicts Next Steps For Ripple After Latest SEC Setback

According to Jeremy Hogan, a crypto legal expert, the SEC won’t appeal the court’s decision ordering the agency to show evidence in their lawsuit against blockchain company Ripple. As a proponent of Ripple and its native token XRP, Hogan explained what happened in the court between the two parties on September 29. Speaking to his … Read more

Binance Carried Out Its 21st Quarterly Coin Burn, Burning BNB Tokens Worth $547 Million

Binance, a multinational cryptocurrency exchange has announced its latest Binance Coin (BNB) burn. The exchange has reportedly burned a tremendous number of BNB tokens in the process. $547 Million Worth of BNB Tokens The exchange officials confirmed that it was their 21st quarterly burn and in the process, they burned $547 million worth of BNB … Read more

Bitcoin Likely To Experience Freakish Rallies According To Analyst Who Predicted 2022 Crash

One of the first things that really make cryptocurrencies special is their volatility. While most people will see it as a bad thing, the truth is that this volatility is also responsible for helping individuals make massive gains. And no matter how low the market gets or how grim things look, investors are confident in … Read more

NASDAQ Plans To Launch Crypto Exchange But Needs Clear Regulations Before Doing So

The major stock exchange from the United States, NASDAQ has just made a statement in regards to exploring the cryptocurrency industry. There were reports that NASDAQ was in the process of launching a cryptocurrency exchange. However, the NASDAQ exchange has shut down all such claims and rumors but it has indicated one thing. Despite the … Read more

Mastercard Releases Cryptocurrency Anti-Fraud Tool For Users

Mastercard, the leading name in card payments and transactions, is releasing new software to help prevent the risk of cryptocurrency fraud. Dubbed Crypto Secure, the product will help card issuers and banks spot suspicious transactions coming from crypto exchanges and effectively block them. While the concept is nothing novel, it’s the first time that a … Read more

Celsius Network Ex-CEO Withdraws $10M Ahead Of Declaring Bankruptcy

Just weeks before Celsius Network went bankrupt, Alex Mashinsky, ex-CEO, withdrew $10M from the service. The founder withdrew cryptocurrency tokens in May as customers started pulling their assets. This was mainly due to the unstable crypto markets. The turbulent conditions prompted concerns about the company’s financial health. On June 12, Celsius froze customer withdrawals, which … Read more

Madrid Looking To Move Forward To With Crypto Event Due To Possible Legal Trouble

With the skyrocketing popularity of cryptocurrencies, it isn’t uncommon to hear about new events. However, it is uncommon to hear a government official move forward with an event due to possible legal trouble. According to Spanish officials, they could possibly be committing an “illegality” if they try to cancel the crypto event taking place this … Read more

Coinbase Momentarily Stops Withdrawals And Payments From US Bank Accounts

On Sunday morning, Coinbase account holders based in the US found that they couldn’t conduct transactions on the platform. Later, the popular crypto exchange made a status update confirming that it has momentarily stopped transactions from US bank accounts. The bug prevents US-based bank accounts from buying cryptocurrencies as well as depositing and withdrawing funds … Read more

Crypto Experts Forecast Flasko To Surpass Litecoin And Ethereum Classic Next Year

With the ever-changing crypto landscape, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that cryptocurrencies are competing for space in the audience’s wallets. This innovation motivates investors to look at the potential of new crypto coins. One example of cryptocurrencies that are gaining quite a bit of traction includes Litecoin and Ethereum Classic. Both of them managed … Read more

Regualtors In Singapore Look To Clamp Down On Crypto Companies

The rise in cryptocurrencies has allowed multiple companies from around the world to make their name in the crypto space. However, when it comes to countries that have taken an active interest in cryptocurrencies, the name that really stands out is Singapore. Over the years Singapore has become one of the most welcoming countries for … Read more