A Top Singapore Commercial Bank Is About To Launch Eco-Friendly Tokens

One of Singapore’s top commercial banks, OCBC, has announced a new partnership with metaverse green exchange (MVGX) to launch tokens related to eco-friendly tech firms. Part of the agreement terms states that firms can offset their carbon footprint by purchasing a portion of the carbon credit tokens issued under this collaboration between these two firms. … Read more

Jailed Silk Road Founder Fulfills Major Part of Sentence, Pays $3B in BTC

Embattled Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, might be a free man soon as he recently completed a large part of his release terms. A new discovery from a court file revealed that the founder of the dark web platform reached an agreement last year with prosecutors who asked him to pay $184M as part of … Read more

Blockchain Games Record 200% Increase In Activity, $2.6B Investments – Report

Various economic factors and security issues from early this year have negatively impacted the blockchain games market like the rest of the crypto market.  Blockchain Games’ Performance In The Last 12 Months However, new data reveal that the performance of blockchain games in the last 12 months has been hugely impressive. A DAppRadar data revealed … Read more

Circle to Open a US Cryptocurrency Bank Charter

One of the largest stablecoin issuers, Circle, has said it’s one step closer to unveiling its United States crypto bank charter. The company is currently working to finalize the launch with regulators – a process that began in August last year. However, reports surprisingly reveal that the issuer of the stablecoin USD Coin is yet … Read more

Cash App Has Better Long-Term Potential Than Paypal’s Venmo – Cathie Wood

According to Ark Invest chief executive, Cathie Wood, Cash App’s long-term potential is better than PayPal’s Venmo’s. She further claimed that Venmo would remain second behind Venmo as it is only building on the foundation set by Cash App. Wood made her claims while being interviewed by the CBDC during the just concluded bitcoin 2022 … Read more

Australia’s Common-Wealth Bank (CBA) Delays Launch Of Retail Crypto Service

Australia ranks among the most-friendly crypto regions following its support of blockchain technology and the development of the Web3 space. Last November, popular Aussie Senator, Jane Hume, remarked that the DeFi space represents excellent investment opportunities for Aussies and is here for the long-term. Hume further noted that “one important lesson we can learn from … Read more

Japanese NFT Committee Suggests The Appointment Of A Web3 Minister

A Japanese NFT committee has submitted the report of its research. Part of its submission was a suggestion for the government to appoint a Web3 minister. Developing A Properly Regulated NFT Space In Japan In their submission, the NFT committee opined that a Web3 minister would control all activities going on in that space. Thus, … Read more

Opera Integrates Eight Blockchains To Bring Web3 Closer To Its Users

On Wednesday, one of the top crypto-friendly browsers, Opera, issued a press release stating that it would incorporate eight blockchains on its browsers. The move is part of Opera’s actions towards bringing Web3 closer to its users (both on mobile and desktop), who are now estimated to be nearly 390M. Why IoS Users Are Excluded … Read more

Vietnam Devises A New Legal Framework That Includes Digital Assets

Vietnam has re-enacted its desire to explore the digital asset space and has already started researching crypto-friendly legislation. The local news outlet, VietnamNet, reports that the nation’s deputy prime minister (DPM) has instructed three ministries to hasten their research about digital assets and develop a legal infrastructure for managing blockchain technology and digital assets. The … Read more

US GAO Presents Four Options For Blockchain Technology Policy

Following President Biden’s executive order earlier in the month, US government agencies have started coming up with their suggestions regarding policies to govern the blockchain and crypto space. Highlights Of The Recommendation The US government accountability office (GAO) is the latest to make its recommendations. The US GAO has developed four options for the blockchain … Read more

A US Federal Agency Requests For Public Comments Over BTC Energy Use

As with the authorities of other nations, American leaders are also worried about the enormous amounts of energy involved in crypto operations. Hence, the US government is taking proactive measures to tackle this issue.  Do Crypto Activities Impact The Environment Negatively? President Biden has mandated the office of science and technology policy (OSTP) to seek … Read more

South Korea’s Top Group Of Companies To Launch Its Native Token Soon

SK Square, a subsidiary of SK Group, one of the biggest conglomerates in South Korea, has revealed plans to launch its native token. The subsidiary firm also plans to launch a blockchain service for its clients to enhance the issuance of digital assets. Delving Into The Digital Asset And Blockchain Space While neither of these … Read more

Israel’s Oldest Bank Becomes The First Israel-Based Bank To Offer Crypto Trading

One of the top two big banks in Israel (Bank Leumi) has announced a new product offering in partnership with a US-based crypto firm, Paxos. The partnership will enable Bank Leumi to offer crypto trade products to its customers. Bank Leumi’s Crypto Offering Still Awaits Regulatory Approval However, all crypto trade transactions have a minimum … Read more

Malaysia’s Deputy Minister For Communications Backs Crypto Adoption In Malaysia

Malaysia’s deputy minister for communications recently opined that the Malaysian government should legalize crypto. However, the ministry didn’t refute the claims by its deputy minister, hinting that they are supporting their minister’s stance about crypto. An Excellent Opportunity For The Youth Today, a popular Malaysia-based news firm, Harian Metro, published the interview with the minister … Read more

Apecoin Will Bring Toxicity To The NFT Space – DOGE Co-Founder

One of Dogecoin’s founders, Billy Markus, tweeted that BAYC’s Apecoin launch will negatively impact the crypto market space. Markus’ Reasons For Criticizing The Apecoin Launch Markus opined that he doesn’t support BAYC’s Apecoin launch because newly launched tokens usually spark toxicity in the crypto market space and, in this case, the NFT space. Part of … Read more

Popular Crypto Wallet Software Provider Goes Public

After raising nearly $80m in its latest funding round, popular crypto wallet software provider, Exodus, has announced that it can now be publicly listed on Securitize market (an SEC-approved trading platform).  Exodus’ Listing On Securitize Platform Securitize listed Exodus’ shares on March 16 as a class of common stock. Hence, any investor within or outside … Read more

More Institutional Investors Are More Comfortable With Crypto Investments – Glassnode

A recent Coinbase data showed that nearly $1.4B worth of BTC has left the crypto exchange in the last seven days. Thus, proving that more institutional investors are becoming more comfortable with the digital asset class. Within the last couple of years, most famous institutional investors have shown keen interest in the crypto sector. The … Read more

More Women To Invest In Crypto In 2022 – BlockFi Study

A new BlockFi survey has revealed that there will be more female crypto investors this year than ever before. BlockFi’s real talk poll, which is usually conducted every quarter and the latest published this past week, revealed that 65% of the respondents intend to invest in digital assets within the next 90 days. 33% Of … Read more

Opposition to Nomination of Saule Omarova as Head of OCC Gathers Momentum

President of the United States, Joe Biden, is reportedly planning to nominate Saule Omarova for the position of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC). Saule Omarova is known as a strong critic of cryptocurrency and the banking system. Hence, her nomination has raised concerns and resistance is already forming against the news … Read more

No Blanket Ban on Crypto – Indonesian Regulatory Authorities

In line with existing laws, regulatory bodies in Indonesia have pledged not to impose a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies. According to Minister of Trade in Indonesia, Muhammad Luthfi, the Indonesian government will not be outlawing crypto assets. However, purchases with cryptocurrencies will not be accepted in the country. Minister Luthfi revealed that the government is … Read more