Apple Makes Cryptocurrencies An Even Safer Bet

The long-term prospect of the concept of cryptocurrencies is promising. While hardcore supporters and enthusiasts will tell you that the only way forward is crypto, even those with more reserved attitudes have to admit that crypto has potential. One of the reasons why this idea will likely solidify in minds of millions is, surprisingly, Apple … Read more

Maersk And IBM Cease Development Of Tradelens, A Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Platform

Maersk and IBM have made an announcement about the development of TradeLens, a supply chain platform being built on the blockchain. The logistics company from Denmark and the US-based technology company have both announced that they are going to discontinue the development TradeLens. Both companies had been working together for the development of TradeLens, co-creating … Read more

Binance Top Executive Not Convinced CBDCs Are Threatening To Bitcoin

Binance’s top executive does not seem to be convinced on the aspect that cryptocurrencies’ existence might be in danger because of CBDCs. He said that in fact, the governments would be validating the concept of blockchain on the pretext that they too are using it for CBDC purposes. Binance’s CEO Not Convinced over CBDC Posing … Read more

Moldova Becomes Next Country to Ban Crypto Mining Following Major Energy Crises

As the crypto market continues to shrivel from its otherwise gargantuan size just a few months ago, every little loss can hurt the platform as a whole. However, unfortunately for the crypto market, the losses don’t stop coming, and they might not stop coming for some time now. Fiscal policies surrounding various financial markets like … Read more

Hong Kong Set To Diverge From China’s Ban On Digital Assets

The city of Hong Kong is currently working on releasing a set of regulatory reforms to make their region attractive to companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This is coming after the city lost business to rival nation Singapore. A senior official at Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Elizabeth Wong, revealed that … Read more

Aptos Asks Binance To Halt $APT Listing – Here’s Why

Ever since the accidental Aptos Tokenomics leak, the firm’s team is going around asking major crypto exchanges such as Binance to stop their listing of APT. Early Tuesday, Upbit, a crypto exchange based in South Korea, suddenly leaked the tokenomics. However, Binance already made announcements for the upcoming listing of APTUSDT. The perpetual contracts were … Read more

Another Gaming Giant From Japan “Bandai Namco” Aims To Enter Blockchain Gaming

The Japanese gaming industry seems to be looking forward to gaining more exposure in the blockchain gaming industry versus other major gaming giants. Bandai Namco is the latest gaming giant from Japan with aim of exploring the blockchain gaming sector. Over the course of time, the adoption level of the blockchain industry has continued to … Read more

GMX, a Decentralized Exchange Suffers an Exploit worth $565,000

GMX, a decentralized exchange (DEX) has recently suffered a manipulation. The reports claim price manipulation has been witnessed by the DEX. The exchange has reportedly suffered from an exploit that was carried out by an exploiter. Around $565k Exploited The reports confirm that as a result of the exploit, it was around $565,000 that the … Read more Now Has Regulatory Approval From Dubai has made an official announcement about the latest regulatory approval it has required in Dubai. The concerning regulatory authority in Dubai has granted approval to to operate in the state. Can Operate Legally in Dubai On Friday, officials shared their joy of being given the green signal to operate in Dubai. … Read more, a Crypto Investment Product Firm has Reached $2 Billion Valuation

From the year 2009, the cryptocurrency industry has started from the individual adoption level all the way up to the mainstream adoption level. However, the mainstream adoption of the cryptocurrency industry had not been enjoyed at the level it was expected to be adopted by the crypto developers. Crypto Mainstream Adoption through ETPs Then came … Read more

Meta Files Five New Trademark Applications

Various media outlets report that Meta has applied for five trademarks under the brand name “Meta pay.” According to the filing, Meta pay is an online social investment network that allows users to seamlessly complete their crypto and blockchain-related transactions. Platforms can also validate their authenticity and identity (where necessary) using the platform’s tools. Popular … Read more

Robinhood Has Announced That it Will Soon Launch a Web3 Wallet

Acclaimed zero-fee crypto trading platform, Robinhood, has revealed that its non-custodial crypto wallet is near completion. It added that the wallet would be interoperable with several blockchains. Part of the announcement added that even though the wallet can store NFTs and works on any NFT marketplace, it would still be an independent app. Nonetheless, Robinhood … Read more

Diamond Mining Firm De Beers To Use Blockchain Tech To Manage Diamond Production

De Beers (a worldwide company for diamond mining) has initiated a proprietary blockchain-powered venue to organize the production as well as the distribution of its diamonds. For a long time, the company has been examining a blockchain system for recording, tracing, as well as managing the distribution, as well as production of its diamonds throughout … Read more

Blockchain Games Record 200% Increase In Activity, $2.6B Investments – Report

Various economic factors and security issues from early this year have negatively impacted the blockchain games market like the rest of the crypto market.  Blockchain Games’ Performance In The Last 12 Months However, new data reveal that the performance of blockchain games in the last 12 months has been hugely impressive. A DAppRadar data revealed … Read more

Twitter needs to be Decentralized – FTX CEO

The co-founder of FTX crypto exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried, has suggested that Twitter needs decentralization. There has been lots of buzz surrounding Twitter in the light of Elon Musk’s proposal to take complete ownership of the microblogging platform. Hence, it is no wonder that crypto players are airing their opinions regarding the issue. Is a Hostile … Read more

UK Plans To Bring Blockchain Tech And Stablecoins Payments In Financial Markets

In its efforts to adopt stablecoins and blockchain into the market, the government of UK has called for the revision of regulations implemented towards stablecoins. Seeing the immense growth of stablecoins in the digital asset market, the government of UK has announced that it will be pushing mainstream adoption of stablecoins, enabling them to the … Read more

Why Did The Price Of Most Metaverse Tokens Decline Sharply Over The Week

Facebook (Meta) hit a snag in its quest to explore opportunities in the metaverse space, which might explain why most metaverse tokens’ prices declined sharply over the week. Various Reasons For Metaverse Tokens’ Price Decline One other factor responsible for these price declines was the weakness in the wider crypto market. MANA, SAND, AXS, and … Read more

Famous US Rapper Snoop Dogg Intends To Release NFT Collection On Cardano

Favoring the potential of Cardano, American Rap Legend, Snoop Dogg has decided to Introduce his own NFT collection on the Cardano network, scheduled to be launched on the 5th of April. Snoop Dogg and NFTs Although it isn’t the first time that the rap legend, Snoop Dogg has worked on cryptocurrency-based projects, but this time … Read more

Japanese NFT Committee Suggests The Appointment Of A Web3 Minister

A Japanese NFT committee has submitted the report of its research. Part of its submission was a suggestion for the government to appoint a Web3 minister. Developing A Properly Regulated NFT Space In Japan In their submission, the NFT committee opined that a Web3 minister would control all activities going on in that space. Thus, … Read more

Gumi Cryptos Capital Has Rolled Out $110 Million Fund For Blockchain Startups

According to an announcement made by Gumi Cryptos Capital, it revealed that it is going to be initiating an outstanding $110Million Fund that is intended to provide power to a variety of blockchain-based Startups. Gumi Cryptos Capital (gCC) recently announced the launch of its new and second fund that will be used to power up … Read more