Private Bitcoin Wallet vs. Exchange Wallet

Safe storage of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency is the number one priority for anyone involved with the crypto world. To ensure absolute security, the information about cryptocurrencies is placed in software or hardware wallets. Although there are various wallet options available, you should understand their primary division. There are two main wallet types available … Read more

Best Crypto Exchanges for Bitcoin Trading

With advancements in the crypto world, more and more crypto exchanges are emerging. Finding the best crypto exchange for Bitcoin trading is no less than a difficult task. You can be bewildered by a huge competition out there. To help you pick the right cryptocurrency exchange, we have shortlisted the best Bitcoin exchanges below: Binance … Read more

How to Send Bitcoin to Another User

Bitcoins are a type of online currency used to perform anonymous transactions online. Like other fiat currencies, Bitcoin isn’t backed by gold, nor is it regulated by any central body. They have no value unless you convert them to fiat currency, sell them or use them to buy a service or product. But before you … Read more