BTC and ETH Prices Expected to Experience a fall as FTX Hacker Makes a Move

Once again, Ether (ETH) is facing the impact of a move being made by a hacker who had stolen funds from the FTX exchange. Hackers Drained More than $450 Million Just when the FTX exchange announced its bankruptcy, a hacker made an attempt again at the FTX and FTX USA exchanges. He was successful in … Read more

Coinbase Discloses Its BTC Holding to Be 2 Million

Brian Armstrong, the founder, and CEO of Coinbase announced that at the end of the 3rd quarter of 2022, his company’s Bitcoin holding comprised over 2 Million BTCs. Crypto Exchanges’ Voluntary Disclosures FTX contagion has not only shocked but jolted entry crypto industry, the economy as well as the crypto community. It seems as if … Read more

Rich Dad Poor Dad’s Author Believes Nothing Is Wrong With Bitcoin

Robert Kiyosaki’s Tax on FTX Fiasco Robert Kiyosaki, who authored an award-winning book called ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, shared his viewpoint on Bitcoin, FTX, and FTX’s CEO. Currently, FTX is undergoing the process of bankruptcy while the crypto exchange’s CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has resigned from the position of CEO. Rich Dad Poor Dad was … Read more

Berkshire’s VP Charlie Munger Reveals His Hatred For Bitcoin And Love For The Fed

Charlie Munger’s Viewpoint on FTX Collapse Vice President of Berkshire, Charlie Munger, is the apple-eyed boy of Warren Buffett and both of them have been doing business together for many years. However, the former had a few revelations of which FTX, Bitcoin, the US Federal Reserve, and Elon Musk were all part. Firstly, Munger made … Read more

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust Drops To Record Low After FTX Collapse

After setting a new record low in the previous week, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) dropped to yet another record low, primarily because of the price of Bitcoin. YCharts revealed data showing that the GBTC that tracks Bitcoin’s price had been discounted by 42.69% as of Friday morning. How it works GBTC was first introduced in … Read more

Bitcoin Reportedly Trying Hard Not To Hitting A Bottom At $12,200

So far, the year 2022 has proven to be a roller coaster ride for Bitcoin (BTC) but November proved to be even more aggressive. Bitcoin Bulls Attempted a Rebound Bitcoin started the month of November on a high note as its price kept surging. The price of BTC continued rising against all the odds but … Read more

BTC Mining Focused Education Initiative Taken By Foundry Academy for Producing Top-Class Technicians

Digital Asset Group’s Bitcoin mining company Foundry Digital has announced a Bitcoin mining education drive initiative. The training program has been launched to educate and train Bitcoin miners further so that top-class technicians in Bitcoin mining can be produced with the help of the initiative. The initiative will commence the education program on 7th November … Read more

Binance Top Executive Not Convinced CBDCs Are Threatening To Bitcoin

Binance’s top executive does not seem to be convinced on the aspect that cryptocurrencies’ existence might be in danger because of CBDCs. He said that in fact, the governments would be validating the concept of blockchain on the pretext that they too are using it for CBDC purposes. Binance’s CEO Not Convinced over CBDC Posing … Read more

Cleanspark Acquires Bitcoin Mining Rigs Worth $5.9 Million

Exactly 3,853 top-of-the-line Bitcoin mining rigs have been bought at an approximate value of $6 Million by Cleanspark from Bitmain. According to Cleanspark, the company had acquired from than 26 thousand rigs since June this year. Massive Acquisition of Bitcoin Mining Rigs About a month ago Cleanspark, which is a Bitcoin mining entity, informed us … Read more

A Major Retailer in South Africa has Started Accepting Cryptocurrencies

Pick n Pay, a major grocery retail giant in South Africa has recently made an announcement for the customers. The retail giant has announced that it now accepts cryptocurrencies from customers. Pick n Pay Accepts Bitcoin Pick n Pay announced on November 1 that it is now accepting cryptocurrencies from customers for in-store purchases. The … Read more

Argentine Tax Authority Notified 4,000 Crypto Holders For Tax Statements Amendments

The tax authority in Argentina, AFIP, has ramped up its battle against tax evasion in the country via cryptocurrencies. The organization disclosed on October 28th that notifications had been sent to 3,997 taxpayers in the country about the inconsistencies that existed between reports of their crypto holdings and their tax statements. The statements that are … Read more

Crypto Analyst Believes That A Catalyst Will Trigger Bullish Market In BTC

A major crypto analyst is predicting that the crypto market could start surging as soon as a single catalyst manages to hit. According to their prediction, a single event will come along and help Bitcoin escape the bullish market. And thanks to the insider’s experience with the rest of the crypto market. The crypto market … Read more

Bitcoin Miner Core Scientific Plunges 70% Over Bankruptcy Warning

One of the world’s biggest bitcoin miners, Core Scientific warned that it could file for bankruptcy as its cash resources are depleting due to the numerous pressures the industry is facing. On Thursday, the company issued a statement to shareholders in which it stated that it was exploring a variety of options. It further added … Read more

Is Tesla Still Holding Onto Bitcoin?

Come Thursday morning, cryptocurrency prices hit a new low after two consecutive days that had a brutal effect on digital assets. It begs the question of whether major conglomerates that once touted the benefits of crypto are still holding on today. Bitcoin was able to bounce back to $19,200 after dipping below its $19,000 level … Read more

Bloomberg Strategist Expects Bitcoin To Rally To $100k

According to one of Bloomberg’s expert commodity strategists, Mike McGlone, Bitcoin is currently trading at a discount. Based on the 100-week and 200-week moving average heatmap, the asset is at its most discounted price. When speaking to Stanberry Research in a recent interview, he expressed that due to the Federal Reserve’s inflation hikes, Bitcoin is … Read more

Bitcoin Likely To Experience Freakish Rallies According To Analyst Who Predicted 2022 Crash

One of the first things that really make cryptocurrencies special is their volatility. While most people will see it as a bad thing, the truth is that this volatility is also responsible for helping individuals make massive gains. And no matter how low the market gets or how grim things look, investors are confident in … Read more

For First Time Since 2016, Bitcoin Has Recorded A Green September Experiencing A 5% Surge

The entire Bitcoin (BTC) community had been eyeing high volatility for a long time. Finally, the Bitcoin community was able to witness the volatility that had been anxiously waiting for. It was on September 27 when the trading price of Bitcoin recorded volatility that has was anticipated for a long time. The rally helped push … Read more

Iran Continues Exploring Bitcoin As A Source Of Revenue Permitting Its Use For Imports

Among the Asian Muslim countries, Iran is one of the few nations that has shown a great level of interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain. There is literally no comparison between Dubai and Iran because Dubai is a state that has an abundance of resources and money. Dubai is the center of attraction for tourists from … Read more

FTX Ends Up Getting Enlisted As An Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Exchange In UK

FTX, a major cryptocurrency exchange operating internationally has recently been dealt a low blow by the UK regulatory authority. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom has dropped a huge bomb of concern and high risk over the investors in the United Kingdom. FCA Enlists FTX as Unregistered Entity The FCA has reportedly … Read more

Nasdaq Is Getting Ready To Introduce Crypto Custody

In recent months, the cryptocurrency industry has started to dwindle at a faster scale. Despite the downtrend, the cryptocurrency industry has gained a lot of adoption in the mainstream industry. Nasdaq is Adopting Cryptocurrencies as a Custody Nasdaq, a multinational financial services firm has announced that it is going to introduce digital asset custody services. … Read more