Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges 2018

Cryptocurrencies are getting the ground as more and more people seem to be taking interest in trading cryptocurrencies. if you or your friend is planning to invest in digital currency to earn some extra money, you should do your research to see what cryptocurrencies can bring you huge profits in no time. In addition to devising your crypto strategy, you also need to pick the right crypto exchange to start trading crypto coins. The following crypto exchanges are considered the best ones. Let’s check them out below:


if you are after crypto to crypto trading, look no further than Binance. It’s recognized as the world’s most popular crypto exchange. Being evolved from China, the exchange offers functions and features to traders worldwide. It’s one of the top 10 crypto exchange platforms. You can count on them for all your crypto trading needs. People who’ve used or are using Binance say good things about them. This shows they are 100% secure and reliable for your crypto trading.


KuCoin is a Hong Kong based, multi-cryptocurrency exchange best known for its reward currency KuCoin Shares, and its wide range of cryptocurrencies. The trading pairs it offers include – BTC/RPX, BTC/KCS, BTC/NEO, BTC/LTC, BTC/BCH, BTC/DASH, BTC/ETH, BTC/RDN, BTC/CVC, etc. Users can also keep tabs on the cryptocurrencies with their mobile app available for Android and iOS.


Used by tens of thousands of customers globally and backed by reliable investors, Coinbase is the world’s leading crypto trading platform that allows for you to securely use, buy, trade, and store digital currency. You can buy Ether, Bitcoin and now Litecoin. Users can also trade with other people on Coinbase’s subsidiary Global Digital Asset Exchange, which currently operates in Europe, U.S., Canada, UK, Singapore and Australia.GDAX doesn’t charge any transaction fees for moving your money between your GDAX account and Coinbase account.