Best Crypto Wallets to Start Your Crypto Venture

A crypto wallet is a type of software program that stores public and private keys and interacts with a number of blockchains to allow users to receive and send cryptocurrency. If you want to use any cryptocurrency, you’ll need to open a wallet account. But choosing the right crypto wallet can be a difficult task, as one can be bewildered by different available types and options, with each claiming to be the best for crypto trading. The following crypto wallets are considered safe and secure and you can count on them. Let’s take a look at them below:

Nano Ledger S (Hardware Wallet)

Nano Ledger S is believed to be the best and secure crypto wallet for your crypto trading. It’s gaining ground among crypto users because of its low fee structure. It’s easier and more portable to carry around. People who’re using this wallet seem to be super satisfied with it.


It will be no wrong saying that Coinbase is recognized as the most reputed name in the crypto world. It’s an online web based wallet that is ideal for beginners. Users can transfer to the GDAX exchange with greatest accuracy and instantly. Coinbase is 100% safe wallet and you can fully count on it to pursue your crypto goals. For more information, please visit their website.

Jaxx (Software Wallet)

Carrying your digital asset around conveniently and safely is a real thing nowadays. Touted as the world’s first mobile wallet solution, Jaxx employs a mnemonic seed to support your wallet or to send it to a different device. It’s available for Android, and iOS users. It allows you to receive your online funds, view your digital holdings, scan QR code, all under one roof.

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