Intel’s Second-gen ASIC Miner Performs Much Better Than its Predecessor

Intel’s new ASIC crypto mining chips might become the new leader in that space. Top semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, recently launched a prototype of its new ASIC miner during the recently concluded ISSCC 2022 conference. The Making of The Best Mining Rig While this prototype was the standout presentation from Intel, it wasn’t the only presentation … Read more

Israeli Defense Minister Orders Seizure Of 30 Crypto Wallets

Israel continues its battle against the illicit use of cryptos, specifically cryptos, to finance terrorism. Hence, it is no wonder that defense minister, Benny Gantz, has ordered that 12 bank accounts and 35 crypto wallets be seized as they are linked with terrorist activities. The Shamlach Family And Terrorism Funding Some of the crypto wallets … Read more

UK Authorities Continue Crackdown On Cryptocurrencies

The UK government has announced new crypto measures to combat incessant fraudulent activities taking place within the sector.  New Policies Regarding Judgments On Crypto-Related Cases Sir Geoffrey Vos, who heads England and Wales’ court system revealed that the civil justice council (CJC) is making moves to upgrade its policies so that courts can easily track … Read more

Coinbase Is Preparing For A New Crypto Bullish Cycle Amidst A Decline In Its Share Price

Following the decline in cryptos’ prices since November 2021, Coinbase shares haven’t been performing well either. There Is No Basis For Comparison – Coinbase CFO Even though the firm is convinced that its current performance doesn’t mean it’s share price should decline by this amount, that hasn’t prevented them from seeking fresh buy opportunities in … Read more

Apart From DOGE, Other Meme Coins Operate As Ponzi Schemes – DOGE Co-Founder

One of Dogecoin’s founders, Billy Markus, has claimed that Dogecoin is the only genuine memecoin. He said the owners of other meme coins are get-rich-quick individuals who are only after quick profits for their pockets at the expense of the token holders. Dogecoin Was Made As A Satire – Markus Markus’s recent tweet showed his … Read more

The Crypto Community Discusses Russia’s Ukraine Invasion And The Crypto Market

Several media reports confirm that Russian troops have committed an act of war on Ukrainian soil. This geopolitical tension has negatively impacted the crypto and stock markets. The Geopolitical Tension And The Crypto Market As of this writing, the BTC price has declined by more than 10%, while altcoins’ prices have dipped by almost 21% … Read more

Ripple Lawyers Confident Of Win Over The SEC 

The US-SEC filed a response to Ripple’s 2-week old sur-reply through the fair notice defense on Wednesday. The financial watchdog wants the court to rule in its favor and strike out Ripple’s fair notice defense. Ripple’s fair notice defense alleged that the SEC intentionally failed to disclose to Ripple that XRP could be considered security … Read more